20 reasons why Child's Play = Most Adorable Episode

1. Family dinner, awwwww

2. Martha’s face when she has to do dishes lol

3. Castle spoon feeding Beckett ice cream, double awww

4. Castle playing eating candy and playing with toys in the principal’s office

5. Ms. Ruez disliking Castle lol

6. Castle making faces at Jason lol

7. Castle being encouraging about writing a story, awesome

8. Castle play “battle” with Jack, cutie

9. Castle and Beckett giving kisses on the cheek, awwww

10. Alexis: Where do you think you’re going?
Castle: 2nd Grade?


12. The tea party, oh my gosh just let me watch that adorable scene over and over

13. The little girl asking if Castle and Beckett are getting married and them saying “one day” awwww (btw little kids really do ask those types of questions all the time)

14. Castle getting the bad guy by throwing marbles, lol predictable

15. The Scooter!!!

16. Molly Quinn, why must you be so gorgeous while acting sad?!?

17. Castle and Alexis talking about him disappearing again.
I’ll just be over here crying.

18. Castle wiping away Alexis’ tears.

19. Alexis saying that being adult sucks-amen!

20. Castle ordering Alexis to be a kid, awww sweet

Basically the whole episode.