Looking for a New Year’s Eve manicure to turn heads? You got it! This #ManiMonday (created by @hookedondal on Instagram) is inspired by our Chevron Sequin Dolman Top. Make this look your own by following these steps: 

1. Polish all nails with rue’s Pink Ice Sub Zero 
2. Using a black acrylic paint or polish, make thin stripes down the center of every nail
3. Add chevron detailing to each nail using thin, short strokes from the outer edges of nails to the center vertical line
4. Add some sparkles of your choice like rue’s Mystic Topaz and a rose gold!

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Half Moon manis have never been so easy! Use a base color like our Pink Ice Mint Crush and get creative with a navy permanent marker to create the half moon effect. (Tip: If using a permanent marker, add a clear top coat. Not only will the mani last longer but it will also bleed the navy into the turquoise giving it a subtle gradient effect!)

If you’re feel a little daring try it with our Pink Ice Sail Away navy blue. Shop it now – polish is 2 for $5!

Christmas Sweater Turned Nail Art! DIY Tutorial

Ugly Christmas Sweater? We don’t think so! This #ManiMonday (created by @hookedondal on Instagram) is inspired by the ever-so-seasonal Christmas sweater, rue style! It’s accented with a metallic green and gold. Pink Ice Voltage and Cyber Space polishes made this look come together. Make this mani your own by following these steps:

  1. Apply different base colors to designated nails. (We chose two sparkle accent nails, two holiday green nails and one rich gold nail).
  2. To get this effect, mimic a design from a Christmas sweater or another favorite pattern.
  3. Add some cherry red accents and polka dots.
  4. Top it off with a bow to make it feel like a gift to yourself!

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