MOVIE OF THE DAY: American Beauty (1999)

This is probably one of the movies with the most twisted plots ever. It’s about a father who’s infatuated with her daughter’s friend who tells everyone she’s a slut but in reality she’s still a virgin. Then her wife had an affair with her business rival and her daughter falls in love with a weird, videographer who lives next door and supplies him drugs.

Trust me, this movie is really a must-see film.


I made this 10-second OBB for “News at Iba Pa”, our news program using Adobe After Effects CS4. It took me a while to make it news-like for I’m used to making motion graphics for personal use. I used a white background with a green flat world image in motion tile. I also used some radio waves and a ticker from Andrew Kramer. For the floating images, I googled and used another project file from I forgot who.

NOTE: THE NEWS STORIES ARE NOT REAL. Those are only made up news intended for this draft.

Credits to:
The owners of the images used
Andrew Kramer


I learned about the movie The Bling Ring in ET’s summer movie list. After watching the trailer, I immediately had this interest to watch this movie. Not because of Emma Watson (although she’s one of the reasons) but I got interested because of the fact that this movie is based on a true story. The Bling Ring did exist and it did burglarized homes of famous celebrities.

With my curiosity peaking, I googled information about the real story behind The Bling Ring and found this documentary from American Greed featuring these 6 (the 6th one not pictured) teenage burglars.

I was astounded. They were able to steal 2 million dollars worth of designer clothes, shoes and jewelry. And even some art pieces from Orlando Bloom! Damn. They were able to continue their deed under the radar but Lindsay’s move to release her surveillance video in TMZ when her house was targeted ended the gang's “shopping” spree.

Fame really does have an effect on people. Whether be it on the celebrities themselves, or to the people who gets to watch their lives every single day.

By the way, The Bling Ring will be in theaters (here in PH) on July 3 and all I can say is: Must. Watch. Movie. Of. The. Month.