rue21 dresses


Binging on Nana Grizol and The Bridge City Spinners. Getting ready for rehearsal dinner for my boyfriend’s sister.

This dress from Rue21+ had like, a weird strap across the back, but it was way too high up so was pushing on my neck uncomfortably, so I cut it off, but now there are 2 little weird tabs on the straps. Oh wellllllllllll.


My fairy kei coord from today~ I went to go see the lego movie (which was awesome btw~) with the awesome Xavier (he’s also the one who took a majority of these pictures)~ but I came home to 5 packages yesterday and I had to wear all of it~ * u * 

Dreamy Castle coord~!

Sparkly castle tee: Hey Chickadee

Stripped yellow cardigan: Forever21

Mint polka dot skirt (that’s secretly a dress ;P): Rue21

Candy necklace leggings: Hot Topic

Fuzzy rainbow bunny socks: Marshall’s

Ombre neon pink shoes: Target

Wig: eBay

Accessories: Hey Chickadee, Holley Tea Time, eBay, Forever21, Clair’s, Tasty Peach Studios, ShopMeowzy, thrift, and handmade~!

And I promise I didn’t just steal the girl in the last picture~ She’s one of my adorable co-workers~ Oh and I tracked down a listing for the unicorn after I saw this post~ >:3 My love for unicorns is eternal~ v u v <3 I named him Sir Cosmo Funfetti~! ^//u//^