rue's tribute

reTHG: The Hunger Games - Chapters Seven and Eight: Immiscible? (pt 2)

Despite Katniss’ intentions, throughout the three days of training, Haymitch’s instructions keep her and Peeta joined together for nearly every minute of the day.  They are even commanded to hold friendly conversations together at lunch: to mix, as it were.  And it almost works….

Over training, we learn that in some ways they have opposing skills - offensive (snares) vs. defensive (camouflage) tactics- ranged (spears/archery) vs. melee (sword) weapons.  Where Peeta passes on his worldly knowledge - limited though it is - about the other districts (through their distinctive breads*), Katniss tells him a story about herself in the wild.

But that which is considered opposing can also be interpreted as complementary and again, despite her intentions and the stress of performing under the eyes of Gamemakers - and dealing with Haymitch and Effie - there is an unmistakable bond developing between them.  One Katniss almost can’t stop when she responds to Peeta’s joke about Haymitch (“‘Someone ought to get Haymitch a drink’”).  One she cant stop when she reminds him, against her conscious will, to perform well for the Gamemakers.  This trips her up at first, but she acknowledges that if he does win, in her place, it will benefit her family more than if neither of them wins.  The first little step toward acknowledging him as an ally.

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« You can’t shield yourself from love. If you’re gonna fall in love with somebody, you fall in love with somebody. »

Rue, District 11, Hunger Games Tribute

by Krinna

“Everything beautiful brings her to mind. I see her in the yellow flowers that grow in the Meadow by my house. I see her in the mockingjays that sing in the trees.”

Sketch on paper, digital coloring (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro)

Alisa Krinna Maskaeva, April 2014