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I’m thinking of making a Mono Red EDH deck...

Two of my preferred options are


My quandry is that both lists benefit from Krenko, Mob Boss, which is fine in itself.  But Krenko needs goblins, which is also fine in itself.  However, both of these points lead towards a certain conclusion.  Would these cards be better served being in the 99 of a Krenko Commander deck?  

It would be optimized for Krenko, who is a very powerful engine, and then these cards act as payoffs.  Versus the other way around, where Krenko does enable both cards, but not as well as in a deck dedicated to what he can do.  Add in that I like both cards, and by maining Krenko, I can still play both cards.  (I guess I can still play all three in either of the other decks, but we still run into the problem of focus.)

It seems simple, but I like the niche-ness of the two original cards, and I like the idea of building a deck to express and explore their dynamic.  I wonder how do people balance things like that.  I see good reasons for going either direction.  What do you all think?

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Out of curiosity, what songs that can be considered Niko's themes and Rue's themes?

Asides from Niko’s own theme, I also associate the main theme and the motif in Distant with Niko sometimes

Simple Secrets was written to be Rue’s theme originally, but it ended up sounding too much like an area theme than a character theme. I tried to making a major key variant of it for rue’s theme and that just ended up becoming the main theme of solstice . in the end, Sonder ended up being the song that’s associated with her, and the song titled “Rue” is just a guitar variant of Sonder. you can hear the same motif in it as Simple Secrets, tho
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today in math class this kid got kicked out because he was being really obnoxious. as he walked out, he turned to the class and put up the three-finger salute, hunger games style. after he was gone the class was totally silent bc we were all scared and then someone just whistled that four-note theme, the hunger game rue's theme, and it was the funniest and most dramatic and thing i've ever seen



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Contest winner announcement!

World Street Photography is happy to announce the winner of the first street photography contest of the blog.

It was a great contest, there were some very good submissions and we are very happy with the outcome of the contest.

And the winner is: Lalaina Andriamisaina

Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa, 2013

Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa, 2013

Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa, 2014

Des photos de rue sans themes particulier, prises en déambulant.

Street photos without a particular theme, taken while walking.

Congratulations to Lalaina Andriamisaina! The winner of the first World Street Photography blog contest. Please follow Lalaina Andriamisaina‘s blog to support street photography. lalamisa09 Your prize is on the way!

If you participated and you’re not the winner, don’t worry! runners up will be announced in the following days…

We would like to thank every one who participated in the contest, we really appreciate it. We would also like to thank the members who participated as judges through all the selection process.

World Street Photography