rue de bac

“The days are evil. Terrible things are going to happen in France. The King’s throne will be overturned. The whole world will be filled with trouble of every kind. But come to the foot of this Altar often. Here many graces will be given to everyone who asks for them. They will be given to the rich and to the poor, the great and the lowly.”

- The Blessed Virgin to St. Catherine Labouré

I want to hear George Blagden’s part of “Drink With Me” that was cut from the final film, but I want to hear the beginning of “The ABC Cafe” more.

I want to hear Killian sing, “At Notre Dame, the sections are prepared.”

And Gabriel sings, “At Rue de Bac, they’re straining at the leash!”

And then Fra singing, “Students, workers, everyone, there’s a river on the run. Like the flowing of the tide, Paris coming to our side!”

The Les Mis fandom deserves this.