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Kristen Stewart with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Campaigns

2014 Making of the CHANEL Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas advertising campaign

CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear Campaign 

2015 Dec. Chanel Movie ‘Once and Forever’ created by Karl Lagerfeld starring Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin

Background of ‘Once and Forever’ and Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld regarding Kristen Stewart:

“She’s beautiful, no?” Lagerfeld asked as he previewed the film exclusively for WWD at Chanel’s Rue Cambon studios. “looks more like Chanel than all the other actresses who played her.”

“She’s so good,” the designer enthused about Stewart, a front-row regular at Chanel, and a protagonist at last July’s casino-themed couture show, where celebrities were placed as the centerpiece of the show, feigning a game of roulette.

“I think she’s one of the greatest actors of her generation,” Lagerfeld said. “She gives the right emotion and the right intensity immediately so it’s very easy to work her, like it’s easy to work with Geraldine.”

• Lagerfeld was “very flattered and honored” that Stewart “accepted to make something that could have been an amateurish movie, although I don’t think my movies are amateurish,” he said with a knowing chuckle. “Let’s wait for the next one.”