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Au Pays des Féeries, quarante contes empruntés au domaine du merveilleux et illustrés de chromolithographies.
Librairie Furne
Jouvet & Cie, Éditeurs
5, rue Palatine.
Blanche says LESBIAN for 5 hours
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That’s right.  Blanche from one of our favorite episodes, saying Lesbian for 5 hours.  If you let it play a few minutes, it just makes you chuckle.  


Top 5 fotos a color del 2015.

1 Hombre corre el tren a punto de partir en Estacion Retiro. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2015

2 Estela del subte pasa por Estacion Carranza. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2015

3 Auto americano transita por el malecon de La Habana. Cuba. 2014

4 Verduleria de San Telmo. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2015

5 Niños jugando a las escondidas. Carmen de Areco. Buenos Aires. 2015

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Ahhh your art is <3 I would definitely send you food as tribute

AAAAAHHHH !!!! Thank You !!! <3

You heard my call !!! I’m a little duckling who needs to be force-fed !

I hope that you have a big humor :’)     :            ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

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Kindergarten gems!

In case anyone’s confused on who is who: (Human name- gem, human age)

Amy- Amethyst, 4 (just smol, hyper, and loves p.e.)

Earl (I know a girl whose name is Earl so I didn’t change it)- Pearl, 5 (always in her ballet outfit, has an amethyst necklace given by Amy herself. Never takes it off.)

Percy- Peridot, 4 (she only lets Layla borrow her gameboy, too articulate for her age)

Layla- Lapis, 7 (never too young to dye her hair, never wears shoes)

Genevieve- Garnet, 8 (oldest and probably too mature for her age, has heterochromia iridium wherein the eye colors differ. One is blue, one is brown.)

Janette- Jasper, 7 (tries to be friendly but just ends up being a mean bean, has vitiligo, Percy is her best friend)

Sophie- Sapphire, 6 (Can still see a little in the left eye)

Rue- Ruby, 5 (Always with Sophie because she wants to be her eyes, Garnet’s little sister)


Photos of Ismaël’s (the Persian’s) flat today.

Photo 1: The block of flats at 204 Rue de Rivoli. This is the historical address of Mohammed Ismaël Khan, the man that 1860s Tout-Paris called “le Persan,” and on whom Leroux based his character, “le daroga.” Today these flats sit above a little tourist shop that sells porcelain and tourist trinkets.

Photo 2: A close-up of the tourist shop. I just had to step inside and buy something, even though most of what is sold there is kitschy knickknacks. Being in that location felt like I was reaching across time and space.

Photos 3 & 4: If Ismaël were alive today, this is the view of the Tuileries Garden he would see standing directly in front of his flat. When I was there, there was a children’s fair set up in the part of the Garden facing the Rue de Rivoli.

Photo 5: The item I ended up purchasing from the tourist shop. The figurine of Degas’ “Little Dancer” seemed appropriately Phantomy, since the sculpture was likely one of the inspirations for Meg Giry.


L'anamour. 5 rue Verneuil 75006 Paris 2016. Maison de Gainsbourg.

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Contes roses de ma Mère-Grand, by Charles Robert-Dumas.
Illustrated by Maurice Lalau.
Éditions Contemporaines,
Boivin et Cie,
5, rue Palatine, Paris.

Jean l'Ours

Jean l'Ours traversa plusieurs salles et parvint enfin à la chambre de diamant.
Là, une princesse était assise sur un escabeau de topaze ; elle chantait tristement en s'accompagnant d'un luth dont les cordes étaient d'or et le corps d'écailles blondes.
À sa vue, Jean demeura comme frappé de stupeur.