teemolover1998 asked:

wtf i thought i was following u wow this is awk im sorry

oh this is really awk i thought you were following me from awhile back AHAHA oops ur blog is nice tho

i literally just followed you, but aparently i have been reblogging everything you post through other users for like, months. thanks for the follow bb, i really like your blog.


bunny video from derek episode 2.4!!

rudysteine replied to your post “eyebrow game stronger than ever [[MOR] ((((((((((((pls don’t…”

you are so pretty

nah, i’m not but thank you!! 

armenianghost replied to your post: eyebrow game stronger than ever Rea…

holy crap that’s the first picture i’ve seen of you, you’re gorgeous!!!

i literally never post pictures of myself i don’t even have a profile pic on facebook but thanks!!!!

metwosix replied to your post: eyebrow game stronger than ever Rea…

Selfie game pretty strong too

haha i don’t think so i literally took 84194 pictures of myself and only one came out fine :D


so i’ve been lurking around this website for some years and since i’ve met amazing ppl here and never made one of these, it’s time to thank you all for your amazing existence - it’s a simple thing, i know, but i’m doing this with all my heart.


amralime | bilbbobagginseurongrcyjoy | itspippinizumruds | princedurin | qwenstcyrhaego


adrienlesueursaidanternur | annihvlateasteriads | brotticelli | charlesmmacaulay | daishannigansemiliaclarce | eorwyn | evungelinelillyfacinaoris | gamayuns | gaypreaker | girlundeadinspx | kissedbyflames | kurylenkosladystigmata | lantzovlinhcindarlushcola | margotrcbbiesmarzaenna | mashamorevna | mythaelogymytholgy | ohsofiliokayodysseus | rudysteined | sansastarkt | shrinemaidensstormbornsvaesnavladimirnabokovs

this is it! i know i have never talked with many of you bc i’m a shy little dork, but i’ll always admire your blogs and wish i were your friend. thank you all for making my dash and my day more beautiful <3