Hey all!

Been neglecting my blog a bit so I just wanted to update for the start of the new year! Still loving my new job at this locoally owned pet store in Seattle, where i’m about to move this month so yay! I recieved a canon EOS Rebel T5 with some really great lenses for christmas/my 21st birthday (WHICH IS IN 15 DAYS) so if anyone in the seattle area needs some photos i’d love to shoot for free to expand my portfolio. I’ve spent my first few days of the new year with some really great people and i’m just so eager for this year. So here are some hooping update photos that my lovely friend Kalina took of me on new years eve :-)

Happy New Year~

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The new hair, cut by Misti and dyed by @sweaterclouds #hotroots #rudysbarbershop #hair #redtoblack #video #selfie #selca #셀카

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