This is Hope. She’s sporting vibrant turquoise hair, purple eyebrows, and “currently, Joker t-shirt. I am unsure of the brand.”

Hope’s most recent endeavor as a model finds her in the lookbook for PRIDAL, a bridal collection celebrating marriage equality. PRIDAL features clothes from multiple designers and proceeds go to LGBT activist groups such as The Human Rights Movement.

With material sprouting from relatable, cringe-worthy life lessons in relationships, dating, and general awkwardness, Hope is entering the world of stand-up comedy. No, she has not been heckled. No, we cannot share her NSFW stand-up set. You’ll just have to trust us when we say that she’s very, very funny. You can find her in comedy clubs and Thai restaurants across Seattle. Most Tuesdays she’ll be at the Rendezvous for Comedy Womb.

When she’s not cracking jokes or looking good in front of the camera she’s managing the Ballard Rudy’s Barbershop. Make sure to stop by and say hello.