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Attorney Alton Maddox - Negro Leaders, Politicians, Preachers as Pimps and Prostitutes of the Black Community

This lecture touches on the difficulties of finding and maintaining legitimate, uncompromised black leadership within a white power structure. Specifically, Mr. Maddox describes the political situation in the mid-1990s nationally as well as locally in New York City. Jesse Jackson serves as a case study for ineffective black leadership. Mr. Maddox analyzes Rudy Guliani and Al Sharpton’s mayorial campaigns.


Real Time with Bill Maher: Beyoncé’s Formation


If Jimmy Fallon makes the rest of the Tonight Show as funny as this bit, it might actually be worth watching again.

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if god could change pharaoh's heart, he can change trump (hopefully)

You still have Mike Pence, Rudy Guliani, Newt Gingrich, a Republican controlled Senate and a Republican controlled house.