City Watch Lower Guard
  • City Watch Lower Guard
  • The Heart

The pain in his head drives him to do unspeakable things

Filthy, cowardly. You smell the Lower Guard before you see them.

He once killed a man just for a change of boots.

They sometimes work for coin, but are often paid by the bottle.

He was in prison, but they needed more men for the guard.

Without that torn uniform, he would have nothing.

This one’s thoughts are indistinguishable from those of an Overseer’s hound.

He is unfit for any vocation. That’s why he’s in the lower guard.

He’s bathed but four times in all his life. The times he’s fallen drunk into the Wrenhaven waters.

The Lower Guard find their recruits in prison cells.

The orders confuse him, so he follows what the others do.

He is like a feral dog. Hungry, mean, and mangy.

Once he found a turtle by the Rudshore Waterfront. He fed it lettuce leaves and horse flies.

The Lower Guard: Drunkards and thieves in shoddy uniform.

His mother never cared for him the way she cared for the bottle.

His sword is in poor condition, but it will still cut.