rudi levis


After School…

Levy: PAPA!!!!

Ehren: How was your first day little ones?

Nia: Ohhh, my little boy. Did everything go well?

Rudy: Mama! Papa! I made a friend! His name is Frankie and we sit together at lunch! 

Frankie: Hi!! I’m Frankie

Ehren: Nice to meet you Frankie, is anyone here to pick you up? Or do you ride the bus?

Frankie: My mom should be here…

Ehren: Why don’t you take Levy home, and I’ll wait here with Rudy and Frankie for Frankie’s mom….

Nia: Sounds good, nice meeting you Frankie!

Hey everyone! Since my tumblr is back up and running, i figured why not put up some of my spoke word! “everything you should never say on the first date” is currently being revisited to be entered in a Button Poetry contest! I hope you enjoy it, and drop some feedback if you have a second!

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Rudy @ Rudy: Just relax, it’s not so bad… Sitting here listening to a lady and writing stuff down.

Teacher: Okay class, I’ll give you five minutes of free time to chat before lunch.

Leigh: Hi! What’s your name? I’m Leigh and that’s Jazmin.

Levy: Oh it’s Levy! 

Jazmin: Super cool name, you should be our friend! Let’s sit at lunch together!

Levy: Okay! Cool!

Rudy: Doing what Levy does best, making friends…

???: Um… Hi…. 

Rudy: …………………. uh………. I…..uh…. sorry.

Frankie: I’m Frankie… I saw you sitting here, uh-alone… Do you want to eat lunch together?


Nia: You wanna help mama open a shop?

Levy: Yeah mama! Pwease!

Nia: What about you Ruru?

Rudy: I tired, maybe tomorrow

Nia: Haha, alright little one maybe tomorrow

Nia: Maybe Jojo can work there, she said she was looking for a job

Ehren: I think she’d like that a lot actually


Ehren: Hey Levy…

Levy: Ya papa?

Ehren: Never grow up…

Levy: *giggles* papa! I grow up! 

Ehren: No, stay my little girl forever. Don’t ever get a boyfriend or girlfriend, live with me, mama, and Rudy forever.

Levy: Papa! I get marry! 

Ehren: Levyyyyyy, pleaseeeeee, you’re killing your papa

Levy: Fine papa, I stay here

Ehren: Good

Rino Levi, Competition Project for Brazillia, (1956-1957)

“Forty years after Sant’Elia, a gigantic machine for living has been worked out in realizable detail. The house of the future is the “city within a house”.

Above is a model of a “Superblock” meant to house 16,000 people in four levels of 4,000 residents each. These “Superblocks” are arranged in three densely populated zones(48,000 residents each) that surround the government and business center. Under Levi’s plan, a whole city of 300,000 inhabitants would consist of only 18 residential buildings in addition to shopping centers, public buildings, etc.