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I love pretty much everything you've written, but Our Heads Are Just Houses is my favorite. That was the one that had me laying in bed, just staring at the ceiling, contemplating the meaning of life and the nature of relationships. Seriously loved it... Second place is the Armadillo McCree AU, though.

Ahhh, once again I’m just so surprised at the love for OHAJH. Not like I think I did a terrible job or anything, just that it was such a weird one to write and took for-freakin’-ever to get the middle/transitional part down, RIP. It still probably contains the rudest thing I’ve ever written, lolol. (“There’s no answer I can give that ain’t cruel in some way,” if you’re curious about my standards for Being Very Rude to characters/readers.)

ALSO YES GOOD. Armadillo McCree has been shamed too much and needs more of our Hanzo’s affection. He’s doing his best!!

Well guys. I’ve had an eventful night. The window guy was back today to fix the trim on a couple of the windows and normally someone has been here but i couldn’t get off work early and my dad wasn’t able to be here either

Anyway, when i came home both front doors were wide open and i immediately went into panic mode because my cat wants to go outside so bad and will try and run out every time the door opens

So the guy is finishing up and I’m frantically searching my house for my cat while becoming more and more emotional. He finally recognizes that I’m a fucking wreck and was like “is something wrong” to which i responded “if the doors are left open my cat will run out” in the rudest but most heartbroken voice and by then I’m almost sobbing

He says “i saw it run over to the corner by the cabinet in the dining room” and so I’m looking around again as I’ve already searched this house.

I run outside calling and shouting his name by this time I’m crying so hard i have to bend over and tell myself to keep breathing because i literally thought my lungs were collapsing

The guy leaves and I’m so rude to him to which i feel bad about now but whatever

I call my bf who i knew might could be the only one to really calm me down and he did and offered to drive 4.5 hrs to come help me look for him. My dad drives up while I’m on the phone and he says that the guy called him and told him what had happened and that i was “upset” My poor daddy was already making plans to go out around in the woods to look for him but he comes inside and starts moving some of the heavy furniture around just to make sure he’s not hiding

Sure enough, he goes to move the couch and Lennon shoots out

Long story short, i haven’t cried like that since i watched The Lion King as a kid and i love my fur baby. I’m exhausted and cuddling this sweet baby even harder tonight.

Thanks for reading and i am the Crazy Cat Lady

Pidge is rude when frustrated and insensitive when frustrated/nervous.

Hunk is rude when suspicious and insensitive when nervous.

Keith is rude when provoked and insensitive when forced to choose between logic and emotion.

Lance is rude when jealous and unlikely to be insensitive.

Shiro is rude when really frustrated and also unlikely to be insensitive.


Couple of assorted haikyuus


This is a list of chosen videos of BTS made to help you smile and make your day or night ^^


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  • Adorable Seokjin HERE
  • Choreographer Seokjin HERE
  • Impressive Seokjin HERE
  • Cutie Seokjin HERE
  • Dancing king Seokjin HERE
  • Appreciated Seokjin HERE
  • Rude winking Seokjin HERE


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  • Rudest Hoseok HERE
  • Sunshine Hoseok HERE
  • Must protect Hoseok HERE
  • Rude again Hoseok HERE
  • Hip thrusting Hoseok HERE
  • Cute sound by Hoseok HERE
  • Only Hoseok HERE


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  • Clumsy Namjoon HERE
  • Lover Namjoon HERE
  • Powerful & attractive Namjoon HERE
  • Proud Namjoon HERE
  • Happy Namjoon HERE
  • Save Namjoon HERE
  • Excited cute Namjoon HERE


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  • Sexy performer Jimin HERE
  • Whining Jimin HERE
  • Scary? Jimin HERE
  • Dinosaurs lover Jimin HERE
  • Falling, again and again, Jimin HERE
  • Don’t know what to caption this but here he is, Jimin HERE
  • Fall in love with Jimin HERE


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  • Dangerous Jungkook HERE
  • OFC he is rude and his name is Jungkook HERE
  • Evil laugh by Jungkook HERE
  • Caring for ARMY Jungkook HERE
  • Pardon Jungkook HERE
  • Extra Jungkook HERE
  • Ready to fight Jungkook HERE

I hope that these were enough to save a day ^^

ok so here’s a concept:

  • richie not being able to keep his comments to himself in class
  • richie’s teachers getting sick to death of his hand shooting up constantly
  • richie getting detention all the time for talking out of turn
  • richie getting this shit beat out of him at home when he gets detention
  • richie having detention so many times that he gets suspended
  • richie strolling up to school after the three day suspension w his arm in a sling bc his dad twisted his arm so far back that richie’s shoulder popped out of socket
  • kids in class rolling their eyes and stifling their laughs when richie asks a question that seems genuine and sensible to him but makes no sense to anyone else
  • richie’s adhd isolating him from his peers
  • teachers labeling richie as trouble without bothering to try to decipher what his issues actually are
  • richie not allowing his disorder to affect his grades
  • richie getting yelled out for not paying attention and then aceing every damn test
  • “i understand it the first time, that’s why i get distracted when you have to keep explaining it to everyone else”
  • the boy w the stutter and the dead brother showing up in detention one day bc he refused to give a speech
  • the kid w a fannypack and inhaler being there the next day too bc he straight up yelled at the nurse when she refused to take his temperature for the third time that day
  • a girl whose hair looks like autumn leaves and the orphan farmer boy who hardly talks casually striding in without even bothering to put out the cigarettes that landed them there in the first place
  • a huffy kid stomping in, arms crossed, drops into a desk and grumbles under his breath
  • “it’s not my fault the teacher was fucking wrong. again.”
  • and, finally, a chubby boy coming in, looking sad, offering gum and explaining he wasn’t trying to skip class, he was just hiding from the school bully
  • the rudest teacher in school supervising detention that day
  • “well would ya look at this little club”
  • everyone glancing at each other and grinning
  • the entirety of the losers club making every teacher’s life a living fucking hell from that moment on
  • but also helping each other w their issues
  • everyone leaving their bedroom windows unlocked for richie or bev to crawl into when their houses are unbearable
  • eddie sitting next to richie in class so richie has someone to pass notes to when he has a comment he can’t contain
  • richie carrying a thermometer, bandaids and an inhaler in his backpack for eddie
  • mike listening to bill’s speeches over and over until bill is comfortable enough that his stutter is practically nonexistent
  • stan grabbing mike’s cigarette out of his hand and pretending it’s his own when a teacher sees them bc if mike gets another detention this week, he’s getting suspended
  • stan scribbling down everytime he wants to argue w a teacher in a notebook to show to bill and bill nodding along while stan rants about all these fucking idiots
  • bev shoving and punching anyone who makes fun of ben for anything ever
  • ben buying twizzlers and jolly ranchers when bev quits smoking and throwing one at her anytime she starts craving a cigarette
  • this is so long but wow
  • friends loving friends man