Another new one (2nd effort) is out from a coalition of true masters of their craft: Levin Minnemann Rudess.  Too bad our political choices aren’t as good as are Prog choices these days, eh?

Listen… and be amazed.  OK, maybe impressed is more accurate; we already knew these guys could play.

[ BTW, nice PiL t-shirt, Marco! ]

The Musicians:  Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) / bass, Chapman stick, cello; Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats) / drums, guitar; Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) / keyboards, GeoShred, wizardly sounds and seaboard


Jordan Rudess performing Tarkus.

He is not just doing a cover…he is making some of his own stuff in it…. …he is so amazing.(I guess I shared too much stuff of Jordan…ooops)


Song: Back to the Machine!
Album: From The Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess
Artist: Levin Minnemann Rudess
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There is nothing he can’t do. More improv he did, it’s getting better and more flamboyant. Not just being a first soloist, yet a great sideman, and an amazing pianist.

Keyboard Nerd Ramblings

OK, I have to say keeping your pace with the times is very important to a keyboard player. I have noticed that Tony’s later gear has included a Roland MIDI controller, although MIDI control was invented in 80~90s, but it is often used after 2000s. Let me explain it simply:

In old years, prog keyboard player would use numerous keyboards and synths to get various/colorful sounds, but synths was progressed with the sampling technology. Now we use a MIDI controller to sample many of old sounds(such as real musical instruments, moogs, Hammond organ or even ARP pro soloist).

I already know Rudess would sample sounds from other keyboards he owned and map them to a single keyboard while many keyboard players in progressive rock tend towards bringing numerous keyboards on stage, creating large racks of keyboards.

This is quite useful and important, I don’t believe in nostomania on keyboard playing, since it is such a magnificent virtuosity , having large versatility, I have to say you should be pragmatist to save your space for your creativity and magic.

Today I have discussed Keith’s style with a er…YouTube user(sounds a bit strange tho), he seems to be a lot older than me I guess, he obviously own a Hammond organ. I agree with him tho, Keith Emerson simply is the best, Keith has various playing style and invincible technique.

This user even pointed it out of Emerson, Wakeman, Banks and Rudess’s weak points, I agree all of them:Rick doesn’t have jazz and blues style, and often sounds too disciplined. But Keith was too over-raged and aggressive, his improv was too much even made a hole in middle of the songs.

Sadly this guy hasn’t talked about Moraz with me, but he mentioned Jon Lord(which he doesn’t love but I understand.)