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I have a couple of questions about your child of light cosplay and I was wondering if you could help me out? I was wondering where you got the patterns for the crown&dress and where you bought your red wig? (love how yours looks btw) Thank you :)

Hi! Thanks for your interest!

I didn’t make the dress from scratch, but bought and old night gown from goodwill that was very close to what I needed. I layered two types of ribbon onto the sleeves. The first layer was a plain, gold satin ribbon. The second layer was sheer, and had the two gold stripes on the edges. I bought them both at Handcock Fabrics. 

I bought chiffon which I sewed to the dress to make the additional layer, and I made her diamonds out of the same ribbon beneath the breast.

The crown was made with wire, newspaper, and tape! I shaped out the crown in wire, wrapped that with newspaper, and wrapped the whole thing in masking tape. Then I spray painted it!

And, you can buy the wig here:

External image


Some of my first resin gems!

The first photo is of the 6 I just finished tonight, which were done primarily as a color test for Pearl, and unfortunately my colors are going to end up being super inconsistent since this first batch is being done with eyeshadow pigments @_@ 

The second is the gems I currently have curing! Which includes Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, and Peridot!