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Soup your art has such life to it, can i get advice on drawing, my art looks to dead. Your have nice lines in your drawings very soft, what do you use?

im not sure what you mean by life? :’o sorry

generally what i always say to people is to try and use the line of action to get your poses more lifelike, and for the lines try practicing with quick single strokes instead of several rough sketchy lines

also personally i use a lot of curves^ but im not sure if thats what u meant

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Hey F, do you ever have trouble finding September?

Oh yes. Since he is so small and likes to explore, and with him looking for a container to build his house in recently, it can be challenging to keep track of him.

These are just some of the places I found him in:

Under the couch pillow.

Between my magazines.

In my Ikea drawers.

Among my gardening utensils.

In my bathroom cabinet.

In my tupperware containers.

In my baking utensils.

In my jewelry drawer.

In my shoe rack.

Under my TV unit.

In my newspapers.

Wedged between my mattress and the bedframe.

He can be a handful…

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Hello~ Can you tell us why on your MAL the scores are all so incredibly low? Or maybe you have your own rating system? Have a good day ^^

Hello sweetie! This is not the first time someone tell me this lol. The truth is that I fit quite the way that MAL evaluates all series, literally, according to this:

Besides that, of course, as many people I have my own way of evaluating if I think an anime is good or not:


aka. Story, characters, thoughts.

5 POINTS FOR STYLE (technical work)

aka. Animation, soundtrack, emotions.

I think that both should work together in a harmonious way with each other. Both are important and necessary to make an anime, a masterpiece.

On the other hand, I don’t consider my ratings to be low, I consider myself a fair person in every way. The truth is that I could give to some animes a slightly higher score, or else a lower one, but that changes when you compare it to other animes with the same score, and for my part, I think that already falls into your personal standard and perception of the anime, so you are free enough to evaluate an anime as you think fit. But in the way shown above, it is basically as I “evaluate” the animes I have seen or am seeing right now.

I personally think that writing is the most important part of an anime.

An anime with good writing and poor technical work, is a good anime.
An anime with good writing and good technical work, is a very good anime.
An anime with bad writing and good technical work, is a bad anime.

The technical work is important too, but not as much as writing.

And even with my low scores, I have given many “10” or “9″ to animes that I consider perfect in their own way to be, like:

THE TATAMI GALAXY (if you want to know why)

WELCOME TO THE NHK (if you want to know why)










If you watch or you have watched some of these you possibly understand why I don’t give too much score to other animes that are popular in the community. Because, you know, if an anime is popular doesn’t mean it’s good, it means that it meets the standards of the people, and the standard is mostly represented by a “5”, half of the score. With some exceptions.

I hope I have relieved your doubts and of other people who asked the same thing previously. Thanks for asking and have a good day you too! <3 

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Can we get more Niles? He looks so cute in your style !!

Thank you dear anon!! Here this hot boy for you! Thank you for your request and I hope you like it!

A.N: I want to give an extra thanks for the people who reblogs my drawing, it really makes me happy, you are all so kind! And THANK YOU to everyone who send me request, I’m SO happy to draw things for you guys, really. Idc if I end up having a lot of request, it just makes me happy and I want to to them non stop! ;v; I really like making you all (i hope) happy. Really, thank you so much, I will always thank you. I wish I could answer you all instantly, but I can’t— Thank you so much. And don’t be shy if you want to talk to me, or send request. They will be open for a long time by now.


Let’s get back to serious thing: Request are still OPEN! I’m going to add to the list: Voltron and TWEWY fandom bc some of you guys reminded me of those two. 

The list now is: Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates/Heroes - Zero Escape Trilogy - Danganronpa games - Voltron -TWEWY.

You can ask for simple request, ship, or something like the small comics I did for FE (Just send me the characters and some more information on how you want it, they will be mostly Chibi) <333 I love you all, sorry for the long post.

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Do you think Krell's attitude toward the clones started before or after he decided to switch allegiances?

From what we’ve gotten from Five’s conversation with Rex, it seems that his behavior has been ongoing for a long while. 

I feel that Krell has never been a warm nor approachable person and may have run a tight ship. Though never cruel and never needlessly pushing his troops towards certain death. At first.

And also early on, he feels the pressure of delivering results – perhaps he has always had that expectation put upon him even when he was raised with the Jedi. It is this attitude that he begins putting on his own troops.

The ones that are not able to adapt and learn quickly get broken and left behind. And General Pong Krell only gets worse after he gets the vision of the Jedi Order falling and nearly fall into despair of realizing everything has been for nothing.