rude valentine

  • Jake: The stress of my studies has caused me to go into a depression.
  • Chloe: Depression? Isn't that just a fancy word for feeling "bummed out"?
  • Jake: Chloe, you ignorant slut.

I’ve just remembered about those 3D prints of Final Fantasy VII characters, that were made by Joaquin Baldwin and the production of which has recently been shut down by Square Enix. Well, if we cannot buy them anymore, we still can enjoy their awesome looks and tasty shapes xD

To be honest, Vincent was somehow disappointed to learn that he cannot have any one yet. Well, Vince, I think you’ll have an opportunity to print something on your own in future :D

Vincent: I really wouldn’t mind having a couple of myselfs and Sephiroths on my little shelf, but if the whole thing is illegal to that extent, I think, I’m going to be satisfied with what I already have…