rude valentine


At last, the promise has been made

anonymous asked:

Hey if you want a BFF from here and she have to be a girl! Who will you choose XD

I am not picking one person over any other, especially since you ‘oh so carefully’ worded it as ‘they have to be a girl’. Anon, I don’t know the genders of about 75% of my friends on here, and I’m not particularly inclined to ask.

gives heart-shaped meat to their date on valentine’s day: Hoshi, JUN, SEOKMIN, Mingyu, Seungkwan

can’t get a date: Vernon, Seungcheol, Joshua

slept the whole day: Jeonghan, Minghao, Dino, WONWOO, WOOZI

Every since the first time he saw you 

He knew you were the one 

You’re the reason he smiles everyday 

You’re the reason why he becomes nervous 

He’ll do anything you ask 

But he doesn’t like asking anything from you 

But for the first time he wants to ask you for something

And it’s if you could be his Valentine