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Is there any reason why the animation in the novel arcs was particularly outstanding ? Why couldn't they keep it up with boruto ?

Outstanding?? Where??

More like hinata got the best animation we’ve seen in naruto

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While this was the rest

I seriusly hope you’re joking otherwise this whole post would be ridiciouls as fuck.

in regards to the nekoma/datekou cast photo, DO NOT POST ANY PICTURES OF THE ACTORS OR THE CAST PHOTO ONTO TWITTER. DO NOT DO THAT. DO NOT TWEET THE CAST. THIS IS A LEAKED IMAGE. japanese fans have already noticed and are upset over this leak from the english fandom, understandably so…everyone is excited but PLEASE do not tweet images onto twitter.


Here at Disney World my sister and I are at Hollywood Studios waiting for the frozen parade. While we were waiting these guys were standing in the very front while the rest were sitting. About 10 minutes before it starts the kids behind them try to get their attention. I speak up and say “Hey!” And I guess it didn’t sound friendly but it got their attention. The kids ask them if they can sit down so they can see the parade and the girl said they can stand next to her but they’re not going to sit down, they didn’t even want to move a bit back so the kids can sit in front. A parent went up to them and said “Did I hear you say you don’t want to sit so kids can see? If so you’re a jerk!”

This is when the boy in blue replied with “Shut the fuck up!” The father of one of the children replied with “Excuse me?? There’s kids here! My son is 8 years old.” The boy in blue replied with “I don’t care.”

A disney employee heard everything and they weren’t asked to move or said sorry.

I am only posting the picture of the girl to help identify the boy in blue because we couldn’t get a good enough picture. I don’t usually do long rants but come on, it’s at Disney and there are a lot of younger kids who had a hard time seeing their idols because of them.

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[STARCAST] BTS, what happened at the photo studio! (Subtitle: Rude Situation Play)

This place where flash pops continuously is the photo studio of BTS! They shot special photos with fashion magazine <CeCi> which has been published for twenty years for this year. We release how 7 boys play at the photo studio now~!

[How 18-year-old youngest JUNG KOOK plays!]
“All of you younger than me~ be quiet!” (I’m sorry, but you’re the youngest;;) JUNG KOOK perfectly digested the returning student concept. It’s time for the ‘I play alone well’ of the youngest~

JUNG KOOK “Completing-fashion posture! Posture completes fashion~” With gloves on that were prepared as props. Punch punch~ “This is not a sound from my mouth~ Punch punch” He throws a punch at JIMIN as if he was bored of playing alone.

JIMIN “Your punch is ridiculous”   He targets leader RAP MONSTER who was setting the tone by listening to music! His pose was like a guy from <The Avengers>.

JUNG KOOK “Beware of the back of your head~”    When everything got boring he zoned out. He shows strong will of not doing anything with his best.

JUNG KOOK “Are you camera? Come in slowly” JUNG KOOK regained his vigor since the time of shooting individual cut came. He poses strong V by changing into a cute hip hop boy.

JUNG KOOK “Do you want the 2nd episode of how the youngest plays?”

[BTS’s Rude Situation Play] “Oi, team leader Jung (J-HOPE’s nickname: Jung Ho Seok), how are you doing with your work?” BTS’s frivolous couple J-HOPE and JIMIN plays unfounded situation play. It is said that JIMIN who bothered J-HOPE by playing the boss role got punished with the badminton racket which was prepared as props…

J-HOPE “Ow~ JIMIN’s face looks like a shuttlecock”    J-HOPE that handled JIMIN clearly started to film commercial alone. Autumn guy J-HOPE set his tone, but he botched it up since he didn’t open the cap! After gathering his wits, he drank coolly~

J-HOPE “Advertiser, I’m ready so please contact me”   This situation role’s concept was ‘Playing neighborhood guy and pitiful lamb’. RAP MONSTER looked down on JUNG KOOK frightfully and J-HOPE looked around with hawkish eyes. But the scene was messed up since JUNG KOOK who should look pitiful laughed easily.

JUNG KOOK “Bro~ forgive me once. Hahaha;;”  JIMIN placed himself beside SUGA who was dozing off. He acted sleeping by leaning on the shoulder of SUGA. But he couldn’t catch up with the acting of SUGA who was sleeping in real.

SUGA “I’ve left my one shoulder for you” [If the studio lights are on~]  V and JIMIN that were monitoring during the shooting burst into laughter. What was so funny? The reason was due to V who wasted his face as you’d have expected.

JIMIN “Are you working out on your facial muscles recently?” V and JIMIN that are same age born in ’95, shot with the concept of playing with each other having gloves on. Since V moved his facial muscles with his best today also, funny pictures were taken whenever we took them.

V “Face exists for using it like this~”

 JIN and RAP MONSTER talked with each other by looking at the photo draft proposal on the wall. They got surprised by founding out the camera… but was it only me that felt they were just pretending?

JIN “RAP MONSTER, I told you to pretend to be surprised naturally~”   SUGA took Polaroid photos that would be used in <CeCi> reader event while waiting for the shooting.

SUGA “I will put my hood up if I don’t have collars!” The group shooting which needs the most concentration started! They spent hard time shooting since the mattress they sat on kept sinking below.

BTS that are all looking at the monitor to check the photo”

[If the studio lights are off~] They were busy chattering, tasting and enjoying when there was break time although they were earnest when shooting. JUNG KOOK, J-HOPE, and SUGA spent time taking selfies.

“I will post it on Twitter by taking selfies hard~”

The lunch time made everyone get extremely excited! They enjoyed buffet-like meal by eating pizza and Chinese food. JIMIN’s hand headed for the pizza, but his eyes searched for the next target.

JIMIN “Shall I show the style of batting with both hands?”   JIN is going to buy! The eldest JIN bought Patbingsu (Korean ice bean dessert) coolly. Man who knows to use his credit card is a real champion. BTS went into a hot dispute with the topic of ‘Patbingsu should be eaten by mixing VS it should be eaten from the top’. What choice would STARCAST readers take? 1: Eat by mixing 2: Eat from the top.

JIN “I will eat the Patbingsu that I bought~”   Was he still hungry? JIN kept on eating under the mask of shooting. By the way, JIN’s bad boy image was really fresh~

JIN “Don’t misunderstand me. I’m eating with professional mind. Cough;;”  Behind story of BTS and <CeCi>’s photo shooting is until here although it’s sad~ We say goodbye with the picture of V who shows sad expression~

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“Matilda’s strong young mind continues to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: you are not alone.”

Done by Juan at Rude Studios, Leeds, UK