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At my restaurant we have this very popular unlimited item. During lunch it’s 7.99 but during dinner it’s 11.99 and dinner starts at 4.

So I get sat this table at 4 and I go to greet them as usual. One of them is practically laying on the table and the other has her shoes off and I already know it’s going to be one of *those* tables.

Me: hi! How are we doing today?
*they continue to talk and completely ignore me*
Me: my name is ____ and I’ll be taking care of us today. What can I get us to drink?

They continues to talk and right as I was about to walk away, they roll their eyes and look at me and go “water with lemons and I mean a lot of lemons and a glass of wine. And don’t taken too long. We don’t have all day”

Ok whatever. So I go and grab everything and when I come back, one of them asks me about the popular unlimited entree.

Lady: where is the unlimited thing you have?
Me: it’s not on the dinner menu, but we do have it. However, because it is after 4, the price is 11.99 instead of 7.99.
Me: yes ma'am :)
Guy at the table: well we should get it for 7.99 because we have been at the table since 3:45
Me: no sir, you were sat right at 4. I can give you a few minutes to look at the menu if you would like?

He then waves his hand at me to tell me to go away.

Now. I COULD have given them the 7.99 price but they were dicks and when you’re a dick, I’m going to charge you for every little thing I can. Sorry not sorry


I go back after about 10 minutes to see if they’re ready to order.

Me: are we ready or do we need a couple more minutes?
Guy: well since it’s after 4 we had to change our entire order!!!

I just smiled and told them I’d give them a few more minutes.

I then found a night person to take them from me so I could go home because i don’t have the time or patience for this, introduce them to their new server, and grab my purse to leave.

On my way out, they glared at me the entire time. I waved at them.

Fuck off you toads.


I normally don’t do stuff like this but it’s people like this that make it hard for some women to embrace what god gave them. No matter the shape, size, color, ETC. we are all beautiful. It’s people like him that make us plus size women uncomfortable and insecure. We are all beautiful I just want to say thank you to all my followers & supporters and I hope we can learn from. Never be afraid to embrace what god gave you.
Love you all ❤

Anger Only Makes Things Worse

Something may happen today that upsets you. Someone might be rude, your car could break down, an employee might mess something up despite your very careful instructions. Your instinct may be to yell and get angry. It’s natural.

But just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Remember Marcus Aurelius’ observation, “how much more harmful are the consequences of anger…than the circumstances that aroused them in us.”

Yelling might make you feel better for a second, but does it actually solve the problem? Of course not. Arguing with a rude person only offers them more opportunity to be rude. Getting worked up over car trouble doesn’t fix the car, it just raises your blood pressure. Berating an employee who messed up? Now they’ll either resent you or they’ll be more likely to screw up again in the future because they’re nervous and self-conscious.

Anger only make things worse. Remember that today.

If y'all don’t pay attention to me any other way time, pay attention now please. This thing likes to leave negative messages on people pictures and taunt suicidal people. So if y'all could report this thing and block them that would be great!!!!!

So. Today at work there was a man that was both deaf and blind, and his wife (or whoever she was to him) was a total bitch. She would snatch his hand towards the wine glass and then snappily explain what I had said (only ruder). And then when they left he tried closing the door by himself (it was super sweet okay and I moved quick enough out of the way to be 100% not squished). Yeah. She yelled at him and snatched him back, screaming that he should never let go. The man is in his later sixties okay. He can do what he wants….and he was a sweetheart too. 😢

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When people ask me "What's SO HARD about being a cashier?"

Well, let’s see. If you had to repeat yourself over and over, the same questions, every single day with every single customer, knowing that you’re going to get yelled at or brushed off, ignored or hear a bunch of complaining or conspiracy theories after you ask your questions but you HAVE to ask them- wouldn’t that be frustrating? To be put down just for doing your job?

It doesn’t stop there. How about being yelled at for things outside of your control? Like the prices of items, store policies, how other associates behaved, your manager’s behaviour, basic advances in technology (CARD READERS!!)- that’s all your fault and your responsibility according to customers.

There’s more. It’s bad enough you have to repeat yourself every day and get backlash for it, but how about hearing the same things from others everyday? “All these machines are different!” or “Why do I have to show my ID?!” or “This is SO much cheaper at Walmart!” not to mention the “jokes.. "It didn’t scan! It must be FREE!” or “I don’t need a bag! Let’s save a plastic tree! HUR HUR HUR!!” ………………….

Then there’s the disrespect that management gives you, that customers give you, and that fellow cashiers give you. You are the most “valuable part of the company!” but they treat you as if you have no value at all. If someone’s getting cut, it will most likely be you before anyone else. So… yeah… it’s a shit job where you get shat on every day.

I'm a waitress
  • Me, taking a mans order: what kind of dressing would you like on your salad, sir?
  • Man: Ranch.
  • Me, not sure if the man said "Ranch" or "French": I'm sorry, did you say Ranch, or French dressing?
  • Man, rudely: Ranch, with an "R" as in "red"!
  • Me: thank you, sir.
  • *10 minutes later I bring the salad with Ranch dressing.*
  • Man: um, I ordered French dressing not ranch, do a better job next time this takes out of your tip.
  • What I say: I'm terribly sorry sir, I'll be back with some French dressing.
  • What I mean: when I sleep im not scared of my arm or leg dangling off the bed. Come at demons. I'm already in hell.

This is so rude. We’re talking about Harry, the nicest little ball of sunshine. He’s so loving and kind to everyone, and yet, this kind of things STILL happen to him, rude people making him feel uncomfortable, he doesn’t even say anything, he doesn’t complain about the fact that they are making him lose time or that he had to park so they could take pictures. If you want him to make silly faces you just have to say it, but don’t be rude, don’t give him attitude.

I’m so mad right now, FIGHT ME.