rude people

This bitch right here had a mimosa in her hand, decided she didn’t like it, and just dumped it on the tile floor. Dumped it. Then she went and got napkins… clean off her hands. After watching two people walk through it (safely) and being terrified they were going to slip and fall, I went and got napkins and cleaned it up myself (until an employee noticed and politely refused to let a customer finish the cleanup job). She didn’t even glance at me as I cleaned up the mess next to her feet.

That was absolutely despicable. Well, guess what bitch, you’ll be tumblr famous for it now.


When someone tells you to “chill”

Things not to say to a retail associate who is leaving work for the day:

* “They let you leave?”
* “I thought you lived here!”
* “Real quick, let me ask you something.”
* “Uh uh, you better turn around. You’re walking the wrong way!”

Whether you realize it or not, you’re implying we don’t deserve to go home and rest or spend time with our families. You’re not funny, you’re extremely rude and you need to stop.

When people ask me "What's SO HARD about being a cashier?"

Well, let’s see. If you had to repeat yourself over and over, the same questions, every single day with every single customer, knowing that you’re going to get yelled at or brushed off, ignored or hear a bunch of complaining or conspiracy theories after you ask your questions but you HAVE to ask them- wouldn’t that be frustrating? To be put down just for doing your job?

It doesn’t stop there. How about being yelled at for things outside of your control? Like the prices of items, store policies, how other associates behaved, your manager’s behaviour, basic advances in technology (CARD READERS!!)- that’s all your fault and your responsibility according to customers.

There’s more. It’s bad enough you have to repeat yourself every day and get backlash for it, but how about hearing the same things from others everyday? “All these machines are different!” or “Why do I have to show my ID?!” or “This is SO much cheaper at Walmart!” not to mention the “jokes.. "It didn’t scan! It must be FREE!” or “I don’t need a bag! Let’s save a plastic tree! HUR HUR HUR!!” ………………….

Then there’s the disrespect that management gives you, that customers give you, and that fellow cashiers give you. You are the most “valuable part of the company!” but they treat you as if you have no value at all. If someone’s getting cut, it will most likely be you before anyone else. So… yeah… it’s a shit job where you get shat on every day.

When you walk into a store/restaurant/coffee shop/a place of business, please leave your attitude at the door. Treat the employees as if you are a guest in their space. Employees are not targets for your personal problems, and they do not turn off with the lights at night. Do not belittle them based on their place in the company, as everyone starts off somewhere. Do not get angry at cashiers for offering store programs as it is their job (imagine how frustrating it must be to be yelled at just for doing your job, repeatedly, throughout the day, for hours)- just politely decline. Just get in, get what you need, be courteous, and leave. Simple as that. Have a wonderful day.
Escalators = Fast Stairs

GUEST WHO HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY ALL WEEK: Oh, this is a problem. I have a meeting upstairs in the Kennedy room and your escalator isn’t working? I mean, what am I supposed to do?
CONCIERGE: You can take the elevator right behind you.
GUEST: But not an escalator? The escalator is just so close to here.
CONCIERGE: Actually, when the escalator doesn’t run you can also use it as stairs.
GUEST: Elevator? Ok, thanks.