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Fangirl is a short film about one girl waiting for her celebrity crush to notice her in any way, shape, or form. She’s constantly checking her phone or the mail box to see if he has replied to her. But one day her celebrity crush does something to hurt her. Will she forgive him?

Tom being mobbed,WTF

Dear people,

   Take in consideration… HE IS EXHAUSTED. LET HIM BREATHE. Like how would you feel if someone shoved stuff in your face after a FLIGHT. Have some common decency and treat him like a human. He was a normal human being before a celebrity. FUCKING SAVAGES.


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tbh the leak can only increase the hype for the show, I wouldn't worry. It happened before, too.

It’s not the hype for the show I’m worried about, it’s the fact that Daron specifically asked everyone not to record and trusted us not to, and then these people completely disrespected that, when they could’ve just waited a little longer, and messed up a lot of stuff for the fandom and the crew. And tbh it doesn’t matter if it’s happened before, bc it shouldn’t be happening at all.I really appreciate if you’re trying to help me and everyone else feel better about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that what happened was wrong and has consequences

“I’m a male and recently just cosplayed as Elsa at a convention and I hated it. Every 5 minutes I was getting someone laughing at me, making a rude comment and I even got physically abused at one point. I ran home crying and ripped the dress, which I had personally made, into pieces. I still love Elsa but that experience has made me never want to cosplay ever again.”

Here is a little collection containing a few of the gazillion hateful/rude comments I started receiving after my “Frost Killing Hour” featuring Jack and Elsa as siblings went viral. 

I haven’t even included the comments that are telling me that Jack should be in Frozen 2 (seriously?!), all the links that lead to yet another “make Jelsa a reality” petitions,  the multiple angry comments where people rage on my for “erasing Anna from Frozen” (???), or the really threatening ones that make me so uncomfortable that i can’t post them here.

Why am I sharing this? I have noticed a lot of bulling and harrasements in the crossover community ever sense Frozen came along (It was there before, but not to this extent) and I wanted to put this out there because: 1. There are younger editors out there who get really discouraged by this kind of hate and they loose faith in themselves and don’t dare to create/upload videos anymore simply because they are afraid of this kind of backlash. I personally don’t care, I simply find it annoying as hell. 2. To show the people who do write things like this to others how immature and idiotic it is. Stop it right now! It is a about showing respect and tolerance to others opinion. And I get FURIOUS when people behave in a disrespectful/rude/bullying manner and excuse it with the “but it’s my opinion” card. BS!!! Sharing what you think and even the freedom of speech does NOT give you the right to be a douchebag! To all of you who receive this kind of comments from others: DELETE IT! It is your decision if your comment section is to become a festival of hate and immature behaviour. Don’t care what anybody else has to say about your choices, whether it has to do whit something that you “ship” or whom you (like me) "cast".  I bet that this shit-storm will start all over again when I upload my next video featuring Jack and Periwinkle in a romantic setting. But know this haters:  ALL hateful or shipping-only comments will be DELETED, so don’t waste your time commenting if the only thing you are going to write is why you think my video sucks and why “Jelsa” or “Jackunzel” is better, because I don’t give a duck. PS: This is not in anyway an attack on Jelsa-shippers in general, but simply a showcase of the blatant disrespect and hate that I have personally come across (which happens to focus on Jelsa in this example).