rude bot

heyhey pls call me by my name when u talk to me in japanese

jfc everyone always completely flips their shit whenever a  big virus starts to make its way around tumblr which annoys me to no end because LISTEN UP no matter what the virus is or does or where it came from, the same basic rules always apply:

  • don’t click on posts that are filled with mysterious tiny gray boxes, no matter how tempting tiny gray boxes may be for you

  • if a person with a url like “aaaaabccccdeeffg123” pops into your inbox and promises there are “n00ds” on their blog, there’s a 99.9% possibility that going to said blog will only end in disappointment and/or a virus

  • don’t click on random videos that pop up in your inbox courtesy of  "" just dont do it

  • if someone you follow suddenly makes a SUPER EXCITED AND OUT OF CHARACTER post about how THEY USED [insert fake program here] TO FIGURE OUT WHO’S BEEN STALKING THEIR BLOG… don’t click the provided link to “join in on the fun” because I can guarantee there will be no “fun” to join in on.

  • and lastly asks like “I LOST 10 LBS ON THE TUMBLER DIET GO TO TUMBLERERDIET.COM SO YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT TOO” are from rude little judgy bitchass bots that need to step on off me before I whoop their pixelated asses …. bots whose messages upon receipt should be promptly deleted because there is no such thing as a “tumblr diet” and there never will be

really, the bottom line here is: viruses happen because the world is full of people and people happen to sometimes be festering piles of poo-filled diapers intent on stinking up the earth and technology just makes it about 800x easier for them to pass on the stank…… so when these viruses DO go ‘round tumblr (and they ALWAYS WILL), don’t run around like you’re a chicken whose head’s just been chopped off and make 500 annoying as fuck posts warning people of “teh scARY VIRUS”

Just take a deep breath to calm yourself bitchass self down and ~use common sense~ and, trust me, you’ll be fine.