anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel uncomfortable with how open you are on this blog in terms of discussing your relationships (with your boyfriend, friends, parents, etc.)?

What you see on my tumblr is highly superficial. They’re elements that I choose to share, and they’re hardly the most intimate parts of my life. My boyfriend follows my blog and every single one of my close friends follows my blog or even met me /through/ my blog. So, no. If there was something I would feel uncomfortable about, I would use my brain and wouldn’t post it. 

nadija asked:

please correct ! the locks are getting worse !😑

you are not obrigated by anything in this world to follow us, we make our best in the time that we have, you don’t like, you don’t follow, thats simple. Every day we try to make something new, and always trying our best. We don’t have to correct anything, we make all of this for free, the only thing that we ask is to people reblog.

Its very simple, don’t like, don’t follow, end.

I don't like certain trans people.

I don’t like trans people who tell me that all cis people are ugly, that all cis people should die, that all cis people are terrible, etc. etc.

I’m cis.
I’m beautiful.
I have a right to live.
I’m not terrible.

No, this is not transphobic.
I don’t dislike you because you’re trans.
I support that you’re trans.

I dislike you because you’re a shitty, hateful person insulting me.