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I’m really sorry, but I really need to say a few things about this.

So this 12 year old wants to bear her testimony. She says that she believes that God made everything about her the way it is on purpose. She said that her brown eyes and freckles weren’t a mistake.

She then goes on to say that her sexuality (she said she was a lesbian) isn’t a mistake either. She says that if there was something wrong with that, God would have told her. He would have given her a sign. She says she’s a believer, and she wishes the same thing that almost every other girl around her age wants in their future. A loving home to share with the love of her life.

She doesn’t want to spend it with someone she isn’t attracted to.

She says all this without shitting all over the church’s beliefs and in a respectful way. She tries her hardest to earn her church’s acceptance. For those of you who haven’t had to bear a testimony in a Mormon church, you have to write and prepare somewhat of a speech.

This girl used time, effort, focus, and energy to write this down, and even more to stand up and announce it.

One of the men sitting nearby rudely unplugs her mike and tells her to return to her seat.

Hold on, why????

I understand that you may personally disagree with who she is, but she’s a child. From what I’ve seen (correct me if I seem wrong), she didn’t say she was ashamed of who she was or who she was made to be. In spite of growing up in a homophobic community, she was confident in herself and her sexuality. In most situations, this confidence is very exceptionally rare.

But this man wants to plant the idea that her confidence is wrong? He may not know it, and I may also be wrong, but you could have caused this young lady to be insecure for a very long time.

Most Mormons at the church I went to believed that God couldn’t make any mistakes. This young lady claims the same thing. So why should her sexuality be a mistake? In reference to her testimony, if you were to shun her due to her sexuality, it’d be the same to shun her because of her brown eyes and freckles.

I also understand that homophobia is sometimes a belief (or a “moral”) that may run in a family and/or a household. However, an even more common moral would be manners and etiquette. From personal experience, this moral is especially important in Mormon households.

Now, how is it polite at all to unplug a 12 year-old’s microphone in the middle of a testimony she was assigned to give.

What we supposedly call God’s text has been translated and transferred over a course of over 2,000 years. Many things have probably been changed or altered by the “editor’s” personal interest. Who knows what could be true or not?

If I’m being honest, most modern religion seems to be picking certain things from a religious book and following those few things. If everyone strictly followed every rule written, we’d be stoned (to have rocks thrown at you, not 420 bull crap) to death for almost every little thing we people do in our everyday lives.

The main thing that remains through every translation is to be kind. In Mormonism or Christianity especially, to treat others the way Jesus would treat them. So there it is, the main rule is to love one another.

However, some people are shunned for spreading their certain preference of love?

I’m sorry, you can go ahead and say how wrong you think I am all you want, after all this is only a matter of opinion. I just really hope most of you see where I’m coming from.

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