thank you, rainflower, for giving more reason to believe that people who are kin with abusive characters are also abusive. you are literally proving everyones point.

all you have to do is leave vern alone. dont make posts about faer, dont respond to faer, dont like faers posts. thats it.

yet you make it seem as though just because YOU approached (or in this case vagued) about someone who has asked specific wckin to leave faer alone knowing you fit those parameters means you are harassing faer.

YOU made the decision to make the post. YOU spoke over an abusive victim who asked people not to like faer posts or interact w faer. YOU are in the wrong.

I feel disgusted that I am related to you. As Feathertail, I will NEVER accept you as my great grandmother. As my kin. You were and still are an abusive piece of Foxdung, and I hope you rot in Dark Forest where you belong. StarClan did nothing to change you.

It's really rude

I’m literally crying now. When practically everyone all over the world say to you and your country that you are worthless and disgusting. Why are you so rude to us? I know there are a lot of homophobes but not everyone is bad. There are a lot of good and amazing people too. And this attitude towards us is so fucking awfully. Practically everyone hates russia just doesn’t understand that it’s just government, not whole country.
And this is suck.

i had a dream that i was a teacher and my class got to meet 1d but only the kids were allowed autographs and photos but harry styles thought i was a kid too because i was so short so they gave me autographs and we took selfies but then they asked where the teacher was and i said it was me so they took the autographs away and made me delete our photos and i woke up feeling v offended

Saying “All Lives Matter” when #BlackLivesMatter is trending is like going to someone’s birthday party and smudging their name off the cake, because you wanted it be EVERYONE’s birthday cake…