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How do I love Hugh? Let me count the ways:

#9  Poor Hugh is clearly distracted by Genevieve Lemaire (Smith).

So distracted he doesn’t even know what to say to Dorothy (with that suit in a “gorgeous shade of brown”) 

So distracted that, when they return to the station …

he pulls the doors in  … 

 while he’s checking Genevieve out … 

and just as DI Jack Robinson reaches them … 

closing them on Jack’s fingers. 

Jack’s response … 

… You might need me, Collins.

Hugh: Sorry Sir

(And even then he’s still distracted by Genevieve.)

You can’t blame Hugh though. Genevieve’s dress did have these little bits that… that sparkled on it when it… when it hit the light. And anyway, I seem to recall Dottie also getting kind of tongue-tied around Gwilym Evans in Ruddy Gore.

#8 Here


Feliz dia de la Independencia Dominicana. Que viva mi gente! I found these walking around la zona colonial in SDQ back in November. 

If you know any Dominican people please do wish them a happy independence day. They will love you for it.

Photography by Ruddy Harootian

I got around to finishing this today and wanted to post it before I forgot. Just a simple bust of one of my ocs.

Carnag’s design has always been a little up in the air in terms of whether I want to stick with it, but I like the ruddy oil colors here. This is a good start. 

Liner Notes: Chapter 4

Fic Update!

Summary:  CS rockstar/actress AU. Killian Jones, lead singer of the band Crimson Flag, has been burned in the past by love and turned his heartbreak into a hit album, Hook. But with his new single, I Still Do, he’s ready to proclaim to the world that he still believes in love. All he needs is an actress to appear in the song’s music video and he has just the one in mind - TV star Emma Swan.

(Jenna’s ongoing birthday present, hope you’re still enjoying this captainswanismyendgame)

Rating: Still T 

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                                                     Chapter Four   

Filming started bright and early the morning after the welcome dinner, at an eighteenth century fort that had been restored and turned into a museum. The main scene they were shooting was a confrontation between Killian’s pirate captain and August’s naval officer character, that would end with crossed swords and an escape aided by the pirate captain’s crew as played by Rob and Will.

While the crew set up the equipment the band and August all got into costume. The wardrobe trailer was so tiny that they had to go one at a time, getting dressed and then moving over to the equally small hair and makeup trailer where Anna and Elsa were set up. August went through the mini assembly line first, Killian was last. His elaborate costume took a while to wrangle into place and by the time he finally had everything on both his bandmates were done in the other trailer and had gone on ahead to set.

The sisters welcomed him in and sat him down in a barber’s chair, quickly getting to work. Elsa clipped his hair back from his face while Anna poked around in a giant makeup case, coming up with a small bottle of skin coloured liquid and a sponge.

“Do you want me to cover up the scar?” she asked, squinting at his cheek. A souvenir from a bar fight during the worst of his post-Milah days, it was frequently airbrushed out of photos or covered with makeup when they performed or appeared on TV. He decided in that moment to stop hiding it, the mark was a reminder of his lowest point but he was past that now and it no longer gave him a twinge whenever he looked at it in the mirror.

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Paprika and a Self Service

“Rose! We don’t have any paprika!”

“What do you want paprika for?”


Rose stuck her head in the kitchen, only to see the Doctor standing there, leather jacket hanging over a chair with jars of what must have been ever spice in the universe lined up on the floor. That had not helped her understand what on Earth (or wherever in the universe they were at the moment) was going on.

“What are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m trying to cook and there’s no paprika.”

“What do you need paprika for?”

“Can’t you read Rose? Right there. Paprika. Essential for this recipe.”

“It’s just circles.”

“Oh, it’s in Gallifreyan, that’s why you can’t read it. Never mind. Can’t you just go and buy me some? From a shop or something?”

“I thought the TARDIS supplied you with food.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Rose, the TARDIS can’t make food. She can keep it fresh for hundreds of years, but she can’t make it. I did used to have a job. I just stocked up the cupboards with enough food to last about a thousand years. Most of the time people give me food anyway. So I haven’t really needed to stock up and, unfortunately, I underestimated paprika.”

“Can’t you use one of these?” Rose bent down to pick up a jar.

“No, don’t touch that!” Rose backed away. “No, it has to be paprika Rose.”

“I’ll go and get you some. Just point me in the direction of Earth.”

The Doctor landed and Rose stepped out. It felt good to be home. London. Its old- what was that?

Rose headed into the supermarket and looked at the newspapers. 2010? Really? He couldn’t just take her back to 2005 so she would know where to go? She didn’t even know if this shop sold paprika.

Rose wandered over to the spices. Blimey. She scanned the shelves, looking, searching- there. Paprika. Rose picked it up and went to pay.

What were those things? People scanning themselves? What was this future?

A short man was yelling at one and Rose went over to help.

“You all right?”

“Ruddy machine won’t scan anything.”

“Here, let me try.” Rose scanned the milk he was holding, followed by the tea bags and biscuits. “Just the angle. You have to line it up pretty well. I used to work in a shop,” she added seeing the man’s confused look.


“Don’t mention it.”

“Here, is that all you’re buying?”

“Yeah. Just a pot of paprika. I have a very fussy cook complaining about paprika, or rather, the lack of.”

“Well here, let me buy it for you.”

“No, I couldn’t-”

“Nonsense. You helped me with the machine, it’s only fair I help you out in return.”

“Thank you,” Rose said, scanning it and adding it to the pile with the milk. The man paid. “Thanks again”

“Look at this. I don’t even know your name and here I am, buying you paprika. Doctor John Watson, at your service. Self service.”

“That was possibly the worst joke I’ve ever heard. No, hang on, no, yeah that was the worst joke I have ever heard,” Rose smiled. “Rose Tyler.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Ms Tyler. Sorry about my sense of humour. Or lack of.”

“Likewise Doctor Watson.”

“Here’s your paprika.”

“Thanks again.”

“No, thank you for helping me get the machine working.”

“Guess I’ll see you around.”

“Oh, I do hope so.”

“Bye John.”

“Bye Rose.”

Rose headed back to the TARDIS and handed the Doctor the paprika.

“Here you are.”

“Thank you Rose. Now, out of my kitchen while I’m cooking. Shoo!”

Rose shook her head, smiling, and went to find something to do for the anticipated next hour or so while the Doctor cooked goodness knows what.

It didn’t half smell good though.

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