rucka ali

Zayn Did 9/11, Ask Anyone (Except Zayn).

These days, everyone wants to be a fuckin’ victim.

“Help me, I’m being bullied.”

“Oh no, you called me Black instead of Afrocentricanized-Negromerican.”

“Boo hoo, I have cancer.”

This entire generation, nicknamed the “millennials” by some aging hippy faggots with enough time on their hands to sit around making up names for babies conceived on a “Fuck it, we’ll all die on Y2K so no need for a condom” whim, have a bigger collective vagina than Jenna Jameson after a double-shift of double-shafts penetrating her in, well, her vagina.

This pussy collective, raised with stupid advice like, “you are special” and “don’t ever let anyone offend you,” have now hit puberty. But whereas past generations of tweens were forced to just put up with their growing pains and learn to accept reality, this current batch of worthless fuck-ups seem to be under the impression that their bloody show is all of our problem.

Throw a terrorist boygroup like Al Qaedirection into the equation, and we’re looking at a period bloodbath.

Al Qaedirection is a terrorist group from England that realized they can destroy America quicker by brainwashing our cunted little sisters than by flying airplanes into our skyscrapers. Not that they didn’t fly into us, too; Paki Al-Qa-Di member Zayn Hussein committed the 9/11 attacks on 9/11. More on that later.

The Directionazis are a billion-strong army of little twats with zero brains between them. They worship 5 crooked-tooth pedophiles from UK that can’t sing and are known to eat edible panties off eachother onstage before thousands of impressionable little girls–and that’s not as disgusting as the toilet-overflow they call music.

Anytime they don’t get their way, the shitty little sluts-in-training of the Directionazi e-militia call for death threats, leaked personal info, and spam attacks against their perceived enemy. And up until now, their enemies have always rolled over and taken it like a bitch. But no more, my nigga. Cause this time, they picked an enemy that loves to play. They picked me, Rucka Rucka Ali.

I wrote a song called “Zayn Did 9/11." 

The song is true, it is important, and it is fun to dance to.

The Directionazis, like typical whiny hemorrhoids, took to the internet to yell at me and demand I remove my song from their planet. When they learned I wasn’t complying, they "discovered” my e-mail address which happens to be in the Contact section of my website.

Here are some things I learned in the 200,000 e-mails I received today:

1. Zayn Malik didn’t do 9/11. I don’t know who Zayn Malik is, since my song is about Zayn Hussein. Good for this other guy, though.

2. Muslims aren’t terrorists. I don’t think I ever mentioned Muslims in my song, but hey, if the turban fits…

3. I messed with the wrong fandom. So when picking a fandom to mess with, the one comprised of 80-pound spoiled little cunt rags is apparently the wrong way to go.

4. I am racist. This is not true, but on the downlow yeah it’s kind of true, but I should point out that I would smoke crack with Bill Cosby in a dashiki before spending 5 seconds with any purebred lilywhite Directionazi.

5. I am going to get killed. Evidently, Zayn is not a terrorist but calling him one will get you murdered. Directionazi Logic 101.

So let me make my position known, in no uncertain terms:

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, I run this show. 

That will be all.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Zayn still did 9/11.

That will be all.


These kids admit they weren’t born yet on 9/11, so how can they be sure Zayn didn’t do it?

An e-mail from a brony.

“listen rucka this a hate message from bronys

we like your songs but not your song that portrayed us as pedofilesand i know its a joke but most of us take a=extreme offence to that”


HATE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SENT ME A HATE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!! I’m calling the cops and every Brony is going to JAIL.


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