Waiting For My Ruca
Waiting For My Ruca

Everything about this song radiates of you…

On the eastside, that’s where I met my Ramona,
“I wanna go to a party,” that’s what she said
Lonely - that’s what I been

Here’s my telephone number call me
..and to a party a house par-ty Whole lotta people just rally-round-me and love,
she send a message of love
she said I love up the way you move, I love the way you rap, BAH BAH.
Ramona please step back

‘Cause she’s my Ruca, I’m barely waiting for my hiena
She moved from Long Beach down to LA
Right now she selling oranges by the freeway
I wanna know, Ramona am I the only one tell me
and she said “Your not the only one, but your the best Bradley”
And know now I waiting for my Ruca and I barely pulled up with my hiena
I know tonight I be behind her, don’t fuck around with my hiena.

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Lucaya in Girl Meet Belief ESP Makes Sense if You Watch GMW in Order!

Here’s the real order of how it went down: 

First: Girl Meets The New World (Aired: May 12, 2015) - Here Riley and Lucas break up and decided they are better off remaining as friends instead. Lucas quickly agrees with Topanga that the wrong kind of pressure could make their friendship ‘turn to dust’. He is the first to state “We should break up”. Riley agrees.

Girl Meets Hurricane (Aired: June 19, 2015) - Maya and Shawn’s role in her life is further developed. Hope is given to Maya of Shawn and her mother’s relationship. Maya admits to Riley that she is starting to believe in hoping aka she is changing (in Pluto she did not want to admit this). Solidifying her family life also explains Maya’s loss of interest in Josh (in “Tell Tale Tot”, which was shot a few episodes before: Maya tells Josh that the things she likes about him are how he is with Auggie, how he will walk them home and take care of them, how he always has time for Auggie etc. aka how Josh shows the qualities she wishes her father had). Now that Shawn and Maya’s mother are getting together, Maya is starting to have that. Shawn who cares about what she wears, who buys her new clothes, who is so happy for her when she is happy, who makes time for her. Which is good that that hole is now filled because soon….

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington (Aired: July 10, 2015) - Maya shocks Lucas by calling him by his real name (he notices and is pleasantly surprised as well) and admits to liking “us all very much”. She is now respecting Lucas a lot more and taking him more seriously.

Girl Meets Rules (Aired: June 12, 2015) - Here we start to see a connection between Maya and Lucas (makes more sense when further separated from the Maya and Josh episode). Between the nicknames and friendly competition, this makes sense as their relationship builds. *That lamb that Mary had” is what Maya wants to call Lucas. According to the rhyme: Mary’s little lamb loves Mary so much that he follows her to school and breaks the rules of no lambs at school. Mary’s little lamb is said to love Mary due to how strong Mary’s love for the lamb is. Similarly, Lucas is notably the one that follows Maya out of the classroom instead of staying behind with Riley. This is breaking the rule of staying in their seats. Why did he follow Maya and break a rule? hmm…  

Maya also says “I am Batman” (important in the next episode)

Maya also shows wanting to change (ie. Secret of life = people change people) and she wonders how to avoid changing back after those people are not around. Maya learns about the choices she has and how there are are consequences for her actions.  

Girl Meets The New Teacher (Aired: July 17, 2015) - A teacher believes in Maya. Notably the lesson is on Superman and Batman (Maya in the last episode identified herself as Batman). Topanga notes how Batman is at an unfair advantage because he isn’t born with superpowers. Maya was born to a disadvantaged family life. The lesson is that super heros should be friends working towards a common goal instead of fighting each other, the problem being that one hero wanted to show the other hero that the world had changed but the hero refused to recognize the changes and thus didn’t change himself. (ie. when the secret of life - people change people - doesn’t work).

- Auggie’s book is about how a blonde and brunette like the same guy but all stay best friends. Riley says that she doesn’t believe that could actually happen, but Maya says “Okay”, indicating that she has other feelings on the matter and/or doesn’t want to get into it. 

Putting this right after Rules, where Maya and Lucas’s alliance has just been highlighted, makes a lot more sense. Perhaps this would make the ‘triangle’ too obvious so they instead aired it a few episodes after to try to make it more of a question mark.

Girl Meets Belief (Aired: November 6, 2015) - Maya shows that she is more comfortable opening up to Lucas sometimes than Riley. She acknowledges that he understands her better and treats her better (not that Riley treats her ‘badly’, but better in a way that she needs). Maya shows that she wants to believe and asks Lucas how. He tells her how. People change people.

Girl Meets Yearbook (Aired: August 7, 2015) - Maya and Lucas are voted hottest couple and neither seem too disturbed by it. Maya realizes that Riley and Lucas are more like brother and sister. Lucas seems a bit shocked by this revelation, but does not seem to be expressing any feelings of dislike when Maya says it out loud. He does not bring it up later either. Maya decides not to tell Riley. hmm wonder why?

Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 (Aired: October 2, 2015) - halloween special all Disney has to do so didn’t comment on it.

Girl Meets Semi-Formal (Aired: August 14, 2015) - After Maya examines Riley’s relationship with Lucas, now Riley does as she debates between Charlie and Lucas. Maya tells Riley she really doesn’t know, “tell me what to say”and refuses to reveal that she learned Riley and Lucas are like brother and sister.  Riley then discovers that Eric who saw Rachel as a sister, still speaks with her and is advised to keep her friends above all else and that the person who kept the sister relationship, ended up with the better relationship (ie. Stay friends with Maya - like Eric and Jack - and have a sibling relationship with Lucas - like Eric and Rachel who still speak all the time).  

I could go on and on…but you get the point. Doesn’t matter who you ‘ship’, keep shipping if you want! One of the big lessons in GMW is never give up hope! “Feeny, nothing’s impossible!” (I personally love Riarkle!) In the end: the GMW writers are clearly setting up Lucaya this whole season. My guess is the aired them in different orders so it would be more of a mystery love triangle…instead of obvious lol.