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An Apology After The Fact

Prompt: Maya accidentally makes Riley and Lucas revisit the first few days of high school and the incident with ‘the hole’ that made Riley cry herself to sleep.
Word Count: 1210

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After school Riley and Lucas stand in the middle of the stairs, or as it’s more commonly reffered to, the hole. The loved up couple are waiting for their friends to finish up at their lockers so they can all walk to the bakery together. 

Maya approaches with a loud ‘bleh’ as she spots the couple playing with each others fingers and staring into each others eyes. 

“Peaches,” Riley greets her best friend with a tilted head as she makes her disgust known. 

“Maya,” Lucas greets her with a nod and continues to be all gooey eyed at Riley. 

“You two should come with a cavity warning,” Maya’s nose remains crinkled. 

“Because we’re so sweet?” Riley bounces on her toes. 

“Yeah, something like that,” Maya says. 

“Isn’t it good though?” Riley asks as she links her free arm with Maya, “That things have worked out this way.. We’re all happy!” 

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Maya smiles, “I mean to think six months ago we  were stuck in this hole on our first day and you cried yourself to sleep-” Maya’s eyes widen, she was just trying to make a harmless comparison but accidentally outed her friends emotional state the first week of high school in the process.

“What?” Lucas looks to Riley with hurt and confusion on his face. 

“Nothing, she meant nothing,” Riley’s face burns red with embarrassment. 

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pizza delivery girl

A/N: okay, so this idea strangely came to mind after I ordered pizza the other night and I HAD TO WRITE ABOUT IT. Also, I feel like I’ve seen a prompt like this floating around somewhere on tumblr but couldn’t find it. I hope its not too out of character for them– PLS FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW. I hope you guys haven’t gone anywhere! Enjoy :)
Pairing: Riley x Lucas
Words: 1,760 words


The group of Zeta Psi boys sat around the living room with a few bottles beer, reminiscing over the party they had thrown the night before. It was as if they were a bunch of high school boys, going around the room going over who hooked up with which girl.

“Ahh, saint Lucas— what a surprise. You stayed to yourself last night?” Asher asked, smirking.

“Well I’m pretty sure it’s not mandatory for me to hook up with someone…” Lucas remarks, raising a brow at his frat brother.

“Asher is just jealous because Holly was ogling Lucas all night while she was with him,” Dylan points out before the group breaks out into laughter.

Asher scowls at Dylan, though he knows it’s all in fun. Which was probably what lead to their next move of immaturity. After they came to a consensus that they were all starving, they decided to order pizza. But apparently to order pizza, they thought it would be the funniest thing in the world if they made the pizza delivery boy say something stupid when he arrives.

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Those Stupid Hormones

Prompt: sounds like a weird request but would write rucas cuddling and like booty rubs and riley loving it when lucas does that idk

Anon, I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway.

AU. Riley and Lucas have been dating for a year.

Rating: T (because of booty rubs)

Work Count: 1,350

That afternoon started off innocently enough.  Riley invited Lucas over to watch ‘Cuddle Bunnies’ and well, cuddle, on the couch.  Her parents had gone to one of her brother’s soccer games and would be gone for the majority of the afternoon.  

She curled up against him as they began their binge watch.  He draped his arm across her shoulders while she rested her head against his chest. She draped her legs over his as they shared a blanket.

“This is nice,” she murmured halfway through the third episode.

“Mmhmm,” he answered as he lightly rubbed her forearm.

Riley closed her eyes as she felt the surge of electricity flow through her veins at the innocent contact his fingertips made to her skin.  She then felt the all too familiar pit in her stomach.  She loved Lucas.  She loved everything about him, but lately, she realized that she wanted more from him.  She wasn’t sure what that meant.  She wasn’t sure what she was ready for, but she also knew that if he hadn’t pulled back from their last few make out sessions, she wasn’t sure she would have had the strength to.  She knew that their hormones were getting more and more uncontrollable, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing?  She was almost sixteen years old.  He was seventeen.  It was only natural to want to get closer to one another, wasn’t it?  

After another moment of allowing his touch to leave a trail of goose bumps along her arm, she lifted her head to look at him and was only mildly surprised to discover that his eyes were already locked on her.

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(dis)enchanting (chapter 1)

fandom: girl meets world 
ship: riley x lucas 
word count: 2,941
summary: in which lucas friar is invisible and spills all his secrets to an online anonymous best friend, jexica. and riley matthews is the most popular girl in school who feels most comfortable talking to an online cowboy. one night, the homecoming masquerade dance is about to change everything .// or the rucas cinderella story au that no one asked for.
notes: so….i’m starting a multi chaptered fic….let’s see how this goes. i’ve had this idea for a while, so here it is. please enjoy and let me know what you think!!! 

read on ao3 


“Lucas! Lucas! Were you listening to a word I was saying?” Isadora Smackle’s voice is loud and disruptive and it effectively snaps Lucas from his daze, and he focuses his attention back on his best friend, who’s staring at him with a cocked eyebrow and an annoyed look on her face. He grins sheepishly, knowing that he’d been caught.

“No, sorry, Smackle. You were talking about your chemistry class though, right?” Lucas takes a sip of his water, desperately trying to keep his eyes on his friend, and now the brunette girl three tables down from them. He watches Smackle roll her eyes, seemingly knowing exactly where Lucas’ attention was, but she didn’t comment.

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A/N: This will be my first time participating in Rucas fic week. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Rucas Fic Week 2017
Day 4 // Argument (prompt: even the best of couples have their bad days, but not all arguments are that serious) 

It was the start of another school year at Abigail Adams High as half of the core 6 gathered in the cafeteria during lunch period, sitting at their usual table and lost in conversation about future plans as Juniors. Although they have advance classes and college applications to look forward to in addition to their extracurricular activities, they agreed to make the best out of their last two years by participating in other areas of interests.

“Smackle and I plan to join Mathletes this year.” Farkle shared with the group, cutting in the middle of the conversations once he returned to the table with his lunch tray.

“That has Smarkle written all over it.” Zay said with a knowing smile. “You two Math wizzes will fit right in.”

“Boring!” Maya shot back, chuckling playfully as Smackle glared at her. She softened her features and sighed. “Relax, Izz. I’m only kidding. Sorta.”

“And what are you planning to do, Maya?” Farkle lightly nudged her shoulder as she stopped picking at the peas and carrots on her lunch tray for a brief moment and shrugged.

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe take guitar or piano lessons.”

“That’s a great idea, Maya!” Riley joined the rest of the group just moments later with Lucas behind her as she took the empty seat next to her best friend. “You’ve always wanted to learn how to play.”

“Well, Lucas and I decided to take another shot at joining the football team this year now that we are older and taller.”

The blonde female scrunched her nose as a small smile of her own formed on her lips. “Not sure if you grew all that much, Zay.”

“Maya…” Riley warned and the others pressed their lips together from laughing. Zay simply brushed it off, unfazed by Maya’s playful teasing as he gave her a mocking look in return.

“What about you, Riley?” Lucas asked, turning his gaze up to hers. “Any plans?”

“Well…” Riley started off hesitantly, placing the fork down as she leaned forward across the table. “I was thinking about…maybe…trying out for the Girl’s basketball team.”

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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 

Chapter Three: Excuses 

Word Count: 2136

↠ ♥ ↞

After lying to Lucas about the extent of her feelings towards him Riley feels she has no choice but to tell Maya the same thing. Riley thinks it’s better to hear it from her rather than Lucas, especially after the two girls agreed to no longer keep secrets from one another. A pact that makes Riley feels horrible for lying to Maya but she keeps telling herself that this is the best thing for everyone. Her guilt subsides slightly when Maya looks relieved after Riley explains that she isn’t romantically interested in Lucas. 

As the weeks pass things remain awkward. Even though no one is asking Riley if she’s okay anymore they certainly still have a watchful eye on her in all situations. Still, Riley wears a smile that doesn’t waver as she tries to navigate through every tense situation. 

As for Maya and Lucas, on the outside you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell they were dating. They almost never held hands or made contact of any sort. Riley was unsure if they acted like this because of her or for other reasons.

Not surprisingly at all Maya prioritises Riley over Lucas in ever situation, even when ‘choosing’ isn’t necessary. Riley wonders if Maya does this out of guilt or obligation but she shakes the thought every time, Maya was her best friend and she does things because they love each other. Even though Riley tries to primarily focus on Maya she can’t help but notice the slight wave of disappointment that seems to cross Lucas every time he’s passed over for Riley. At least she thinks it’s disappointment. 

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Overview: After a tragic turn of events, seven year old Riley Matthews is taken in by her godfather, Shawn Hunter, a writer with a desire to travel and a lack of experience in parenting. When Riley turns seventeen, Shawn moves them to a small town in Texas hoping a change of atmosphere will help with Riley’s anti-social nature. While there, he reconnects with a ghost from his past and Riley befriends a small group of misfit boys. (Italics indicate flashbacks)
Trigger Warnings: Mention of death *not a fluffy fic*
Rated: M [adult language + situations]
Chapter: One

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I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (We Do What We Do Part Two)

A/N: I need to learn to never say never, because I was certain I wasn’t going to do a part two to this, but then I heard this song and well, here we are.  This one shot takes place two years after the events in Versace on the Floor, but you don’t have to read that one to understand this one.  

She lives in England.  He lives in the US.  It could never work–could it? Rucas.

Rated: T

The song is “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn and Taylor Swift

Word Count: 9,093

The bar was dark, dingy, and smelled exactly like sewer water.  It was a place no self-respecting human being would ever frequent—which is what made it perfect for him.  He wasn’t self-respecting.  He wasn’t anything.  No, that’s not true.  He was a man.  He was a man who had the world at his feet, or so he thought, until everything got turned upside down.

He stared at the glass in his hands.  He rarely drank, but over the last few weeks, he had grown more and more fond of the amber substance he swirled around the spotted glass.  He was fairly certain that the glass hadn’t been washed before he was served his double, but he didn’t care.  It didn’t matter.  None of it mattered.  Not anymore.

Why?  Because two weeks ago the love of his life told him that they shouldn’t talk anymore.

But it was more complicated than that.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: Cute Rucas napping fluff

a/n: thank you so much for the prompt anon!! sorry it took so long to get to you, i was working on another one before this one and then this took me a little longer than anticipated. as requested this is extremely extremely fluffy and i’ll have you know anon, that this lowkey killed me and i’m now blogging from rucas heaven. enjoy! 

word count: 1,398

“I can’t believe you almost fell asleep in my dad’s class.” Riley says, disbelief laced in her tone as she enters her bedroom and dumps her backpack on her desk chair.

“I’m more surprised that he didn’t embarrass me in front of the entire class, that seems to be a favorite pastime of his.” Riley rolls her eyes at her boyfriend’s comment as he follows her lead, entering her bedroom and putting his backpack down on the floor at the foot of her bed. “It’s all your fault you know.”

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our love was made for movie screens;

pairing: riley matthews and lucas friar
word count: 1.5k
prompt: “day one: canon verse - something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: lucas friar loves the movies, but he love seeing them with riley even more.
a/n: so, this is my first rucas oneshot, and it’s probably not that great, have mercy. the fic is set in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. there’s been a lot of references to rucas movie dates in the show (gm texas pt. 3 and gm the new year) but we never saw any of it, so i imagined what one of them was like. the movies mentioned are avengers age of ultron (cursed) and inside out (which i haven’t seen dfgjdfg) and the title is from all i want by kodaline. 

There was something special about going to the movies. Maybe it was splurging on overpriced buttery popcorn and sugary sweet chocolate, or finding the perfect seat to settle into. Perhaps it was escaping screams and the crushing weight of expectations, the feeling of knuckles and the taste of blood– the distraction of being transported into another world and focusing on someone else’s problems. But the best thing, to Lucas, was the company. He wasn’t always the best at talking to others, unsure of his words, but he didn’t have to talk when he was at the movies. Lucas was allowed to bask in presence of his friends, listen to their laughs and watch them cry, just be. The movies revealed the little things that made his newfound friends tick or burst out into grins. It helped him understand the crazy people who were Farkle, Maya, and Riley; while he seemed to fit in well with the three, he still had a lot to learn about the native New Yorkers.

Lucas Friar loved the movies, plain and simple.

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Catharsis | 3

Overview: After a tragic turn of events, seven year old Riley Matthews is taken in by her godfather, Shawn Hunter, a writer with a desire to travel and a lack of experience in parenting. When Riley turns seventeen, Shawn moves them to a small town in Texas hoping a change of atmosphere will help with Riley’s anti-social nature. While there, he reconnects with a ghost from his past and Riley befriends a small group of misfit boys. (Italics indicate flashbacks)
Trigger Warnings: Mention of death *not a really fluffy fic*
Rated: M [adult language + situations]
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Chapter: Three 


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cause your favorite color is me

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,006 
prompt: “day one: canon verse - something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: because riley’s always loved the color purple, but she’s fairly certain the color green might be the most beautiful color she’s ever seen in her life. 
notes: here’s my day one fic!! i’m not really sure exactly what prompted this idea, but i’m pretty pleased with the overall outcome. it doesn’t necessarily take place within a certain time frame, it’s post ski lodge, set sometime within freshman year of high school. it’s fluffy, and hopefully brings you feelings. enjoy! 

For the first fourteen years of her life, Riley is absolutely, one hundred percent positive that her favorite color is purple. Ever since she was a little girl, it had always been the color she had felt the most love for. On Halloween, she wanted to wear the purple princess dress, not the pink one, on her birthday she asked that all her presents be wrapped in purple wrapping paper.

On top of all of that, almost every creation she’s crafted in art class is splashed completely in purple and her stuffed purple cat, Violet, is one of her most prized possessions. It’s very easy to tell that her favorite color is purple.

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You Me Her

1 ||

Chapter Two: Are you okay?

Word Count: 1437

Notes: I’m giving chapter two a whirl.. Like I said before chapter one was a trial and if at any point I feel like this story is floundering I might just put it to rest so make sure you’re vocal or at least like the post if you want me to continue :)

↠ ♥ ↞

That evening when Riley returns home from the ski lodge she has a quiet conversation with her mother about what went down. Surprisingly she didn’t cry at all, Riley managed to hold it together long enough to reassure her mom that she’s okay and things worked out the way they should have. The brunette also asks if Topanga would casually mention things to Cory as she didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing.

After Riley sends her mother away under the pretences that she was tired - which wasn’t a lie as Riley barely slept at all on the bus and was exhausted - she flops down on her bed and for the first time since Lucas sat down with her in the bay window at the lodge, she doesn’t have to try so hard anymore. Riley finally has a chance to let it all out as she dampens her pillows with tears.

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Home Base

A/N: Rucas one-shot that just popped into my head one day. 
Summary: It’s the semi-finals. One win away from advancing to the State Championships. The bases are not loaded…but Riley Matthews sure is. 
Word count: 1,346

His shoulders were heaving with unsteady breaths. Lucas could feel the heat of the sun bearing down on him as a bead of sweat slowly made its way down the tip of his nose. The crowd was screaming incomprehensively, the cheering squad blowing their horns. His eyes glanced at the scoreboard. It was the bottom of the 9th, the visiting team from Eleanor Roosevelt High leading by one, as the Patriots of Abigail Adams High were out to bat, with 1 out and a player on first base.

Nerves were settling in as he watched his teammate and best friend Zay on home plate, waiting for the next pitch. His gaze then scanned over the crowd, coming to a halt in the front row bleachers when he met Riley’s eyes. He suddenly forgot how to breathe as the rest of the world fades away. She smiled at him and waved; motioning to the jersey she was wearing. It was his old baseball uniform from last year’s season.

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a little bit of magic.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,652
summary: riley matthews thinks that lucas friar’s lips are their own special kind of magic and she’s completely under their spell // or riley just really loves lucas’ lips 
notes: this is just a lil drabble that i was inspired to write, 99.9% of the inspiration came from this amazing drabble by my girl @friarlucas who also was the major encouragement for me in writing this. not much happens plot wise, but there are feelings. enjoy! 

At the tender age of twelve, Riley Matthews has yet to have her first kiss.

She knows that it isn’t that big of a deal, there are plenty of other girls her age that haven’t locked lips yet, but she’s waiting and the wants the moment to be perfect. Her only problem is that none of the boys in her class have lips that she wants to kiss. Dave’s are too chapped, constantly cracked and look unpleasant to touch. Wyatt’s are too wet, due to his constant lick lipping and smacking. Farkle’s are always moving too fast, she’s never able to get a good look at them as he’s always spewing words from them at a mile a minute, far too fast for her to keep up with it.

It isn’t until she meets Lucas Friar that she knows what perfect lips look like, and she wants nothing more than to kiss them.


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valentine’s day surprise

A/N: this oneshot is the reason why i probably failed my exam but yOLO. Anyways, here’s a bunch of Rucas FLUFF and Zay being the best bff ever. I hope you guys enjoy as always! :) xo
Words: 920 words


“Luke, you promised,” Zay points out, shooting him a knowing look. 

“I know. I didn’t realize you wanted to do this on Valentine’s Day!” Lucas protests, leaning his elbows on his knees as he clasps his hands together.

“There’s no way you could be busy considering Riley’s in California and we’re in New York.”

“Don’t remind me,” He grunts, shaking his head. “You know what sucks is that we couldn’t even spend Christmas together?”

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Catharsis | 9

Overview: After a tragic turn of events, seven year old Riley Matthews is taken in by her godfather, Shawn Hunter, a writer with a desire to travel and a lack of experience in parenting. When Riley turns seventeen, Shawn moves them to a small town in Texas hoping a change of atmosphere will help with Riley’s anti-social nature. While there, he reconnects with a ghost from his past and Riley befriends a small group of misfit boys. (Italics indicate flashbacks/dreams)
Tagged: @thisshouldnotbethishard @persephonehadtherightidea @naelacy @wedswoe @spamiam77 @celluloiddreams @madelinecoffee
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of death *not a really fluffy fic*
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Rated: M [adult language + situations]
Pairings: Rucas, Shawngela

Authors Notes: Oh, also, if you want to be tagged whenever this is updated - whether in the actual tags or with your ‘@’ - just let me know. xo - feli

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FanFic: A Brother’s Blessing

Taking a deep breath Lucas raises his hand to knock on the Matthews front door, he nervously waits for someone to answer.

“Mr. Friar? You know Riley’s not here…right?” Cory asks with a puzzled expression.

“I know sir. I’m not here to see her.” Lucas announces with a lot more confidence than he was feeling.

“No? If you have come to see me, I’m afraid I’m rather busy.”

“I’m not here to see you sir, at least not yet.” Lucas begins to fidget.

“Well my wife is also…”

“Capable of speaking for herself. Hi Lucas. Come on in. Don’t let Mr. Matthews fool you, he is not busy.” Topanga offered Lucas a seat on this couch with a wave of her hand.


“What about Auggie?” Cory asks while his heart starts to race. He has a feeling he knows what’s about to happen.

“I’m here to see Auggie, sir. Then if things go well, I’d like to talk to you & Mrs. Matthews.” Lucas is certain they can hear his knees knock.

Cory stands there quietly, just staring at Lucas. Topanga, knowing what’s to come, call it momma’s intuition, tells Lucas “Absolutely Lucas. Auggie is in his room. You know the way.” With a quiet thank you, Lucas takes a moment to collect himself before heading down the hall to Auggie’s room.

“Topanga? Is this actually happening?” Cory feels a bit faint and sits on the sofa.

His wife crawls into his lap and wraps her arms around him “Yes, it is happening. This can’t be a shock. Now before you get any crazy ideas. We love Lucas. Your daughter loves Lucas. We are going to say yes and if you make me break out the Judge voice to deal with your crazy ass… you will regret it.” Topanga wears a contented smile.

“Me? Moi? Crazy ass? Not necessary. I’m sure my son will take care of everything.” Cory replies with a smirk. He knows that she is not wrong, they do love Lucas but he only has one little girl and he considers it his fatherly right to make Lucas sweat. “Hey, Topanga?”

“Yes, Cory?”

“Thank you for listening to me you big stupid” Cory murmurs as he leans in for a kiss.

“I have to say, Mr. Matthews, it was definitely one of your better ideas.” The two snuggle on the couch while they wait for Lucas to return.

Down the hall, Lucas raps on Auggie’s door.

“Come in!” he hears the teen yell.

“Hey, Aug.” Lucas announces his presence.

“Lucas! What are you doing here?” Auggie jumps up to give Lucas a hug.

“I’m here to talk to you,” Lucas explains.

Auggie has been expecting this visit and pulls out the little chair he made Lucas sit in forever ago.

Lucas smiles and laughs as Auggie tells him to take a seat.

“What’s up, Lucas?” Auggie can’t help but feel a little weepy at the sight of Lucas in that tiny chair. It was funny when Lucas was in 8th grade…. It’s flat out comical now that he’s in his 20’s.

“Man, does this bring back memories. I’m here to talk to you Aug about your sister. You have always been her protector…. her best friend…. the most important man in her life beside your dad. That’s why I’m coming to you first Auggie. All those years ago, you made sure I knew that you were her ONLY brother. Then when London almost happened we talked about you & I becoming brothers someday. I’m here today, to ask you for your blessing. I would like your blessing to marry your ONLY sister, my ONLY love and for you & I to become brothers. Auggie Matthews? May I have your blessing to marry your sister?”

Auggie feels 10 feet tall… “Lucas, you have been the only guy to make my sister completely goofy. You have been the VP of Rileytown for the longest time. You dealt with my dad stealing your shoes and perhaps the biggest thing? You made sure that I was included every step of the way. You sat in that chair twice before and let me be Riley’s protective brother. I know how much you love my sister and how much she loves you. Of course, you have my blessing Lucas.” Lucas stands and moves to shake Auggie’s hand…Auggie takes his hand and pulls him in for a hug.

“Thanks, Auggie. I promise I will do everything in my power to make her as happy as she makes me.”

“I know you will Lucas. Now let’s go into the living room so I can watch my dad’s head spin around when you ask him.” Auggie cackles.

“You don’t think he will say, no do you?” Lucas asks nervously.

“No way but you can bet he’s going to make you sweat. Are your shoes on tight?” The boys laugh as they walk back to the living room.

“Hey mom…. Dad? Can my brother stay for dinner?”

drabble | valentine’s kiss

Summary: Whether it was due to the season or just Riley’s thoughts about their new defined relationship, a second kiss was bound to happen sooner or later. [AO3] 

She remembered wanting to kiss him again after their date at the movies, once they were officially together, but she didn’t do it; still too conscious of the idea of kissing him.

But she did keep on thinking about it until Valentine ’s Day arrived.

Being the fuzzy goof ball she was, she had organized a secret friend exchange, and after the trades had been made, she announced to Lucas she had gotten something specifically for him.

She ignored the responses she got from her friends at her request, and extended her arm to Lucas so she could lead them both to a more private place. For a moment, Lucas stared at her before drifting his gaze to her extended hand, only briefly, then taking it and make his way out alongside with her.

They were in the benches outside Topanga’s. Surprisingly, it was a slow night so there was no one outside, perhaps it had something to do with the chill air; but it came to be helpful since what they wanted was privacy.

Riley motioned Lucas to sit, so he did, still curious as to what his girlfriend was about to tell him. He waited, but she kept on fidgeting and avoiding his gaze…

She was biting her lip and her hand still held his, so he let her; just waiting for a moment as he took her in.

“I’ve got a present for you” she finally broke the silence, calling the texan’s attention back to reality.

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