rubysdumpster replied to your posti honestly have no clue why any of you follow…

oh darling! I think your the bees knees! Your blog is full of such kitschy and boss images I just love it! And if you are bored and would like someone to chat with about whatever random thoughts you may have, I’m here with a response!

0mg this it the loveliest resonse ever sdjfhgfdsfgh

let’s be friends

rubysdumpster replied to your post “Sooooo froopin tired. Today was all fucked up. Originally the plan…”

Welcome to my fucking life every single day

riiiiiiiiiight. It was so annoying too because I had such a plan, like I woke up at 7:20 and just put on pants and went upstairs bc I wasn’t expecting to go anywhere, and I was going to sleep for like another half an hour. And then everything was fucked up. I was going to pack, mop my room, get shit in order, go for a run, and it was all lost. if my host dad stays home tomorrow too Imma scream. 

seriously had the best day today! Met a lovely lady in Hannover, and totally hit it off. It’s like we’ve been friends for ever, so easy to talk and chill. I’m super stoked to have a real friend :) :) thanks miss Ruby!! You’re rad as fuck! Can’t wait to chill again!