Here it is, the complete lineup of EVERY cat that is related to Firestar 

I don’t even know who half of these cats are, and as you may see, everyone up till Whitewing look like shit

From left to right: 
Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Fernsong, Socks, Scourge/Tiny, Ruby, Juniperkit, Dandelionkit, Sparkpelt, Alderheart, Larksong, Honeyfur, Leafshade, Dovewing, Ivypool, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Dewnose, Ambermoon, Snowbush, Whitewing, Livy, Nami, Taylor, Zack, Luna, Princess, Cloudtail, Firestar, Tommy, Filou, Jake and Nutmeg


Translated RWBY Japanese Relationship Guides 

(From Japanese Limited Edition Merch books for volumes 2+3, there wasn’t one for vol. 1)

Make sure to pay attention to which way the arrows point/if they point both directions or not~



Personality: The strong Pruskite is the fusion between Topaz and Ruby! She is a very hiperactive gem, full of energy and trust! Pruskite likes to fight battles and show off her abilities!

Characteristics: Pruskite has a double-colour scheme, that is shown in all her body, hair, and gems. She is less buffy than other gems and very tall!

Nickname: Fashy mom

Stability: 75% 

Voiced by: Amy Gross ( Voice of ‘’Nina Cortex’’ from ‘’Crash bandicoot’’ saga and ‘’Stella’’ from ‘’Winx Club’’)

Topaz Loves you!

My Savior - part 1

Ruby’s knife can kill demons, but it can’t kill her. After surviving being almost killed by the Winchesters, hiding from demons for hundreds of years, and finally having her memories stolen and given a chance at a new life, she’s left with instructions to find the Winchesters. She doesn’t remember them. But oh boy, do they remember her.

Pairing: Sam x Ruby

Word Count: 2,035

Warnings: canon divergence (season 11), angst, female nudity, amnesia, panic attack, physical injury

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My Savior masterpost


Dean’s lips tightened as his eyes raked over the bruised, nude body of the petite woman in his brother’s arms. “Sam, I thought she—”

“I know, I thought she was dead, too,” Sam muttered. “Come on, let’s get her downstairs, she’s freezing.”

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