rubys handwriting


//((By popular request, what happened in the Beach-a-palooza gone wrong! Both Steven and Garnet are scarred by the event, with Garnet having a crescent moon shape scar on her forehead by a piece of flying debris and two circular ones on her palms because she saved Steven from being crushed by a burning speaker. Steven also has a scar on his tummy now because he fell on a piece of hot debris//))

//Here’s the script for those who can’t read my poop handwriting!//))

yourbaeishellagay123-deactivate  asked:

Ruby what do you do when sapphire is away?

[Ruby: I watch over Garnet until Sapphire comes home from work. During that time I usually work out, or help with Garnet’s studies, or just chill out with my baby girl.

Ruby: Sometimes all three!]

Ruby: I wait until Sapphire gets home before I head off to my job as a personal trainer. Then when I get home it’s all about family bonding time!