rubys face


Anime: Love Live! Sunshine!! || Season 1

↳ Pairings: Mari Ohara + the Aqours girls


Okay, so correct if I’m wrong, but…  

…aren’t sharp weapons…

…that are also guns….


…like…really, really dangerous? Like just straight-up stupidly dangerous? Like “Hey, lemme just use these guns as nunchucks WHOOPS I SHOT MYSELF IN THE GODDAMN FACE.” 

I mean, look at Blake:

It’s a sword. But also a gun?? But she also swings it around??? While continuing to use it as a gun???? She is literally swinging around arguably one of the most dangerous-to-use weapons ever conceived?????????



We had these hats made for her and John Barrowman (if you don’t know the Felicia reference, IM me or something), and when we gave them to her she gasped and grinned.

John’s auto line was next to hers so she rushed over to him with the hats, saying, “I’m so obsessed with you guys.”

She gave him the hat and pointed me and @blacksiren out to him when he asked who made them, then they took selfies together in the hats!!!

Then she came back and took selfies with us. She was so happy and nice and everything I ever hoped she’d be and more.

Needless to say, we’re pretty happy.