rubys cosplay


Bridezillas: Gem Edition

Lapis - @kellykirstein 

 Pearl - A Smile and a Song Cosplay (Instagram and FB only) 

 Amethyst - @dekuflowerr

 Peridot - @for-the-love-of-clod 

Steven - @thechosenboi

Sapphire and Ruby - @seelofapprovalcosplays

 Connie - @thethingsaboutdisney

 Photography by @keighleyk on Instagram

Wow a lot of you guys found our cosplay page… WELCOME! Figured probably because of all our #rwby posts! Which is awesome because you guys are going to be getting more updates on all our RWBY projects. At the moment transforming Crescent Rose is in the making for Mangoloo’s Ruby cosplay. And Labinnak is making a season 4 Blake. We also have a little surprise.. stay tuned.

Photographer: GCF Photography
Find him on smugmug for more photos!

We will be wearing our RWBY season 4 cosplays at Katsucon! Who else is going?