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2, 4, 6, and 7?(ic? >w< 6 will piss him off so I put it lol)

2. Confession 

I confess that I do not listen to Eiji wishes all the time, I mean sometimes he can just be so unreasonable. 

4. Favorite Color


6. Can you drive?


7. Birthday

Let’s see *checks foot for manufacturing date* I was made May 17~

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Ok then ^^ Oh I’m glad I’m allowed to call you that then :D I’m just the kind of person to start crying over sad stuff ;w; I didn’t cry over Clannad(first season) until I rewatched it lol. Ah I’m falling asleep sorry I’m going to head to bed. Gnight~

Hehe~ well I did cry over Clannad the after story. Probably the first anime I’ve cried over. xD Okay then. Night xx

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Hm Kuro-mun works. My real name is Kendra though I go by Kenni. Any of those are good. Hmm I wonder if I’ll cry over it…I can cry pretty easy ;w;

ooc; Okay. I’ll probably end up calling you Kuro-mun or Kenni~ whichever works for you. I’m kind of picky about my nicknames. I don’t let certain people call me Chell or Chelle. But most of the time I’ll tell my close friends to call me Chelle~ And I don’t usually cry a lot with animes. Unless it’s extremely sad. I mean I’ve cried for certain books and movies, but never really sobbed for any anime yet (I know I must not have a heart). I’ve bawled my eyes out, but not necessarily wept xD

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Oh I was thinking ‘Who is this how did I start following this person?!’ o.o But hey it’s Shi-mun(just gonna shorten it to that XD Shijima is kinda long lol) I haven’t watched Kanon but it looks interesting~I shall continue following you~>w<

ooc; I call myself Shiji-mun, so if that helps ^^; (it’s somewhat shorter) …Or now you can call me Makoto-mun if you’d like. Or just Michelle/Chelle is fine. Yeah I was thinking about it for a while and thought I should do an RP for this character. She was probably one of my favourites in the series. Also, Kanon 2006 are made by Key (the same people who made Clannad), so you should watch it~

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<3((Can't copy heart on ipod.... Fill out for Rin please ^^))

If I saw you right now I would:
[x] Hug you.
[] Talk to you.
[] Jump on you.
[] Kiss you.
[] Ignore you.
[] Smile at you.

If we were walking along somewhere I would:
[] Hold your hand.
[] Push you in a Bush.
[] Trip you up.
[x] Talk to you.
[] Ignore you.
[] Kiss you.

If we were on a sinking ship I would:
{} Tell you I love you.
{} Tell you I hate you.
{} Kiss you.
{x} Hug you.
{} Punch you.
{} Use you as a raft. 
{} Try to save your life.

If I woke up next to you I would:
{} Scream.
{} Kiss you.
{} Slap you.
{} Go back to sleep.
{} Cuddle you.
{} Get closer to you.
{x} Be VERY confused.

I think you are:
[] Ew.
[] Okayy.
[x] Cute.
[] Pretty.
[] Beautiful.
[] Handsome.

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Send this to the all the nicest people on tumblr. If you receive this message then someone is trying to tell you that they are incredible happy you ever joined tumblr. You are not only running a tumblr worthwhile following, but you are also a totally kind and awesome person. Without you my tumblr experience wouldn’t have been the same. <3 Thank you for being you <3 If you want to show someone else your love, send this to the 10 nicest people you follow

Thank you so much!~

(ooc: THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3<3<3<3)

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ic: Pink and Green ooc: Peach

  Pink: What’s your favorite thing to do and why?

Hmm…I would have to say my favorite thing to do, other than Eiji, is taking afternoon naps. It’s my favorite thing because I wake up with the afternoon sun shinning on my face.

 Green: What is the most embarrassing thing you have done?

Well I don’t get embarrassed very easily so this is a tough question. But I guess if I could say anything about an embarrassing moment is when I walked in on Eiji’s class to bring him his lunch, he got so embarrassed, it was so cute!~

((Peach: Describe your first crush.))

((ooc: My first crush was when I was in Kindergarten. His name was Sam and he had blonde hair and blue eyes, I just thought he was the cutest boy in class! And ever since I’ve been attracted to guys with blonde hair))

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R :D

10 of my curiosities? 


1. What Eiji thinks about

2. Why baby animals are so cute

3. Why some people are turned on by one thing and not another

4. How people can be so mean

5. Sloths, how do they survive being so slow?

6. Starbursts, how are they so juicy?!

7. Why some people have rhythm and why some people don’t

8. How some people are just so smart!

9. How people can be so creative

10. Why DID  curiosity kill the cat?