rubyquest cosplay

aatropos  asked:

Yo! I have a friend who's thinking of doing a Ruby cosplay and I saw yours while browsing through the tag and thought it looked great! How did you do the eye? Can you give any tips? :D

Ooh why thank you!!  I’d love to give you some tips. I made the eye using liquid latex.  I used a specific tutorial but I have NOT been able to find it no matter what, and it was so perfect.  I’ll briefly reiterate the video for you and if it’s not detailed enough feel free to contact me again, I’m more than happy to help <3

First thing I did for latex was do a lot of research and look at a lot of tutorials.  This is a great step, but you will probably find out that a lot of complicated liquid latex suggests you do a shitload of molds for this and molds for that and it’s really long and arduous and difficult especially if you don’t have those materials.  Luckily this video showed me a shortcut.

This video suggested using water soluble clay.  I didn’t feel like buying any so I used super sculpey which worked fabulously, but you could probably get away with most clays–those two are just definitely easy.  What I did was I sculpted my clay to look like what I wanted (and since it was sculpey I went ahead and baked it… well, overbaked it because I forgot about it in the oven sdkjhfsd)  Here’s what it looks like:

External image

I then coated this over and over and over with latex… I dunno how many layers.  It’s pretty thick though.  Substantial, you know?  Just thin coats, letting it dry in between (make sure you use a really cheap brush or one you dont mind ruining because it WILL be ruined.  I use those plastic-bristle paintbrushes common in little kid watercolour pads? and they work well) and when it was done I carefully peeled it off the sculpey (the reason the video suggested water soluble clay is because if you have difficulty getting the latex off, since it’s waterproof, you can put the whole thing in water to help it separate).  There was an eye cavity, so I filled that with latex and toilet paper until the back was flat and even.  I then mixed acrylic paint as close to my skin tone as I could get and painted the flesh around the eye (i even put my concealer onto my palette to help me find the color.  If you’re not good at mixing paint, you can also mix your concealer INTO your latex and it will colour itself while you are putting on layers of latex, this didn’t work out so well for me though hence the paint, maybe it works better for darker colours??) and the eyeball itself of course.  Don’t be afraid to mix some darker colours into lines on the eyelids to give it extra dimension.  Oh!  And I use a nail polish clear top coat on the eyeball itself, to give it a more realistic wet look.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s not on my face:

External image

And then of course I use liquid latex to attach it to my face and I put a poopload of make up on and around it!  When I go to improve the costume I’m going to try and cut the fleshy part around the eye away and see if that doesn’t improve how it looks on my face, I had a really difficult time blending it seamlessly without covering my entire face in latex.  And that is basically everything I did.  It’s really quite easy!  I would also suggest not leaving your bunny ears to the last minute like I did, because they turned out to be the most difficult part of the costume for some reason.  >:/?  Other than that, all I can advise is research research research! look into the fanart and figure out what features makes Ruby recognizable; since Weaver’s style is so simplistic there is a lot of room for interpretation, which is both really awesome and really challenging.

Obviously I am a gigantic fan of Ruby Quest, so I would lovelovelove to see your friend’s interpretation of Ruby when they’re done!  Let me know if you have any more questions, and thanks for asking <:)  Good luck!