Regrettably I drew the pictures without much consideration for where I’d put the text. Most noticeably in the sixth image where I practically ended up with a collage.

(And a happy birthday to weaver.)

in apology for taking a break from working on my rq game, heres a demo version of what i have so far!!! please make sure to read the credits  included in the game folder uvu hopefully ill start working on it again soon!!!

ps theres no “demo over” message or anything but itll be p obvious when its over (its after the battle w/ stitches ok trust me youll knOW)


They thought they could contain Ruby inside METAHL BAWKSES, but by the EMPRAH’s will she broke free! In the GRIM DARKNESS of the far future, there is ONLY CoLab

Original comic by Gannadene:…

Cast List
Ruby - Joely (
Narrator - Adoxographist (
Angry Marine - SuperBlueBadger (

Music Credits:

Glen Geometries [Glen Interiors] - Nitrosparxx
Valkyrie Run - Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco