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It wasn’t that too long of a drive to get to the place that Ruby was talking about. Meg Opened up her side of the door and stepped out. “Not too shabby, Rubes. Nicest place i’ve seen since i’ve been topside.” She closed the door and began walking towards the Entrance, Her boots making a clomping nose as she walked. She turned back to Ruby. “Ready to Break hearts?” Meg smirked. 



“Yes, I am. I don’t know… I hunt whatever comes to me. I read the news, I see some suspicious stuff and I go after it.” The demon smiled slightly. “But I can help you killing some demon bastards, if you want. I’m all in!” She stared for a moment before continue speaking: “Crowley was always a bastard… That motherfucker, king of Hell? He was not even king of his own ass and now King of Hell. That’s messed up.” Ruby was really pissed off about Crowley being king of hell. She and Meg were never best friends, but they were partners - and for sure the most loyal to Lucifer - so it was not good to hear that Crowley tortured Meg.

Meg was intrigued to say the least. “I know i’m not ever serious with you, Sis. But what do you say about letting me be your partner as a Hunter. You Know, I am great when i have a mission Rubes.” Meg studied her Sister, She was serious. She had thought about taking on hunting. She had jokingly mentioned it to Dean. “Tell me about it. I’d rather have father back on the Throne than that bastard. To think that he started out as a cross roads demon and now he’s running Hell.” Meg’s Face was contorted into a face of disgust. 

Back from the dead | Ruby & Meg

Meg had left Ruby, telling her that she had to go help the Plaid Clad Brother and Castiel with something, but that she would be back. Unfortunately Crowley showed up and ganked Meg, leaving her dead. Somehow someone always died when helping the Winchester Brothers. After a few days of being in purgatory, Meg was pulled into a light. The light filled within her body, Healing her wounds and making her stronger. Then Meg woke up in a shabby motel room in a small town in Alabama. All that was in her room, besides herself, was a dufflebag full of weapons and ammo to kill about every supernatural thing alive and a note. Meg wrapped the dufflebag around her, tucked the note in her pocket and headed outside. The Demon broke into a car started it up and headed in the direction where she last left Ruby. 

[Text] Hey Rubes, You still at the same motel?