Episode 007 - Imperial Wrath of Revolt - Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (Air date: May 25th, 2014)

“Sawatari, who lost to Yuya in a Duel before, hasn’t forgotten the humiliation of being defeated, and plans to get his revenge, now that he has some new cards. In order to stop his scheme, Yuya’s childhood friend, Yuzu, challenges him. But then a black shadow appears before the two, targeting them. The mysterious man brushes Yuzu aside and stops her from doing anything, and quietly begins his Duel with Sawatari. While Sawatari gets carried away with his new strategy, the mysterious man ignores him, and starts showing off a surprising power…”

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Yuto’s first apperance in Yugioh Arc-V - it is his appearance that ultimately sets the plot into motion, and exposes both Yuya and Yuzu to a frightening new reality…and he stole and fucked up my heart too. Prick.