To the Anon asking about how I organised my homework, here we go!
This is a Mum’s Office planner, it’s designed so that on the right hand if the page each column is for a different child, however, as you can see I’ve changed this and made each column more suited to me.
The night before I’ll organise what work I’ll do in my free periods, what homework I need to finish by the end of the day and also what general to-do’s I have. I’ll then check the second column, which tells me what homework is due for that day and I’ll make sure I’ve done it!
On the left I write my homework in as it’s set by the teachers that day and it’s also for general appointments I may have etc.
Lastly, I LOVE STICKY NOTES, I find them so helpful to write separate lists on as I go about my day; this pic includes ones on a huge list of homework I had to do, ideas for my D.T portfolio and general art aims!

I hoped this helped and feel free to ask anymore questions I’ll try to be as helpful as possible📝💥