I wanted to collect things people have said about him but halfway through I broke down.....

Ryan Adams‏ : he& lp are the kindest folks you could ever hope to meet

William Ryan Key: he was an encouraging, positive force

Justin Timberlake:  Truly unique, humble frontman.

My Chemical Romance We loved him.

Nikki Sixx: such a sweet and talented man…… 

Jimmy Kimmel: one of the kindest men I’ve had on my show.

Lars Ulrich: Gracious, kind & humble. 

billiejoearmstrong: very kind and also very smart. and one hell of a singer.

Keane :  a huge talent and lovely guy

rubyaldridge :  u couldn’t have been kinder.

iamhalsey :  one of the most kindhearted, creative, intelligent people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know