Dual Destiny in the Harvest Fog

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Ralts is a Pokémon that is in tune with emotion. It’s a patient Pokémon, and quiet as well. They have a love of both dancing and fencing. They take twigs and spar, but their hair gets in the way, so they are quite clumsy.

Kirlia loves dancing. It has reached the point where it can either dance, or practice fencing. It follows whatever its heart tells it to do. It is a emotional Pokémon, in that when its heart is in something, it is very intent on accomplishing it. Male Kirlia react to the Dawn Stone whereas females do not. It’s not yet known why.

Sirknight is a loving Pokémon. Its red crest amplifies its Fairy powers, and doubles as a fashionable adornment. Sirknight is a symbol of fashion, with dress makers across the world working closely to its design. Its hairstyle is a popular hairstyle for everyone.

Mega Sirknight dons a gown akin to human fashion. This is the product of the bond between humans and Pokémon. The Infinity Energy radiating from its Mega Stone not only amplifies its power, but it allows them to completely understand anybody’s emotions, and even calm them down if necessary.

Erureido are; for some reason, only male. It is not currently known why. The Dawn Stone is given to Kirlia who have demonstrated the utmost respect and skill for fencing. It can grow its sharp arms like a blade, and even tempers it with its ESP.

The radiation from the Mega Stone makes Erureido’s blade arms longer, red and shiny. It has a natural ghosting effect when it moves its arms, making its attacks even more graceful. Mega Erureido’s cape flows in the wind, adding to its flashiness. Its attacks are as fast as lightning and hit like thunder. A screech can be heard when charging an arm attack.

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So in an odd turn of events, tonight of all nights I find a little artistic drive and a desire to poke around at cute quick ideas, that being said, I decided to make a little “compensation” for the previous ask from @chubbywolfie in the form of a few doodles heheh~  *Of course there were a good few others who wanted to see it happen as well, so hey, the more the merrier~!*

N-now then… what to do about this extra weight; w-winter’s not going to be any help with all those sweets and treats!  …a-all those delicious pies and candies~…  *squirms*  I-I’ll be back!


Reverse Fusion AU: Where the main cast is made of who would usually be the fusions, which in turn fuse into the main cast, essentially. Click on the quick sketches for some quotes to clear things up if you’re confused. Reverse Fusions are shown here in order of in-show appearance of the original fusion reveal (IE: Stevonnie Maheswaran is first because Steven Universe comes first).