I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?

also i think a big part of eyeball’s character is that she’s starved for attention/affection

And then, when she talks about getting a pearl, aka another gem to lavish attention on her (and i’d bet some gems even develop relationships with their pearls, which is probably what she wants)

someone give her some real love and attention oh gosh


Ruby: Those creeps had better have been staring because you’re so beautiful!!!!! Wait no, I don’t want them to stare at you, uhh…

Sapphire: Hush now Hon, it dosen’t bother me any more, but as a kid it really got to me and I guess I just got used to wearing my hair this way. Besides the people who matter love it, so why should it bother me now~

Ruby: Right!!

Garnet: Un! Mama pwetty!

Ok so I’ve seen a lot of people saying “oh haha the rubies are so dumb they didn’t recognize that Amethyst wasn’t Jasper haha”
But i have a theory
What if Rubies are colour blind? It would explain why they didn’t realize that the gems weren’t human in “Hit the Diamond” and it would also explain them not realizing that amethyst is a COMPLETELY different colour to Jasper.
Idk just a dumb idea i had


*muffled I Burn and Red Like Roses playing in the distance* 

also because it was 7am and I felt like doodling more before sleeping here’s a bonus picture: