Are Gems Telepathic?

Whilst re-watching ‘Bubbled’, a science-y science thought came to me.


It would be scientifically impossible for Eyeball’s voice to be heard in space- unless Steven and Eyeball’s conversation partially takes place telepathically- A “group chat” in their minds if you will!

However, this is not the only evidence. In ‘Monster Reunion’, we discover that Gems have their own language.

It’s not known if Gem Language sounds any different, but if it does, how would newcomers to Earth, such as Peridot, Jasper and the Rubies be able to speak English? They must’ve translated it telepathically!

This would also work with Steven’s abilities to visit other people’s minds- if all gems were to have low-level telepathy, would that make Rose Quartz (and then Steven) a kind of “super-soldier”? She may have been given special abilities for some reason (maybe to be Pink Diamond’s personal guard), which would’ve heightened the low-level telepathy all Gems share.

This also links with the “broken” mental nature of the corrupted gems. The mind is everything with these gems- Fusion is an amalgam of the mind. Corruption is a tear in the mind. The gem’s forms are a personification of their mental state, ergo their mind.

memes-have-killed-me  asked:

Dear ruby, What did you first notice about sapphire? What made you fall in love with her?

Ruby: She was just so alone when I met her. Of course, it was Rose who introduced us to each other. We didn’t really talk much when we first met, I was fire and she was ice, those things just don’t mix. We would talk more and more and soon spent alone time together. I knew I loved her from the first we fused, I felt needed and wanted, and I knew we both needed each other . We just can’t function properly without each other. I’m her fire and she’s my ice.


I may not have known them all my life. And I may not know everything… But I do know them NOW. So I have a right to speak up.


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Panel 1
Witch: I need ingredients.
Familiar: Got it.

Panel 2
Familiar: *carrying bags* Joy to the world…
Demon: *ringing bell*

So, I got bored and drew this. I don’t like how it looks, but it’s something.
It’s a two-panel comic. The lady in the first panel is a witch (Morgana), who is asking her familiar (Shell) to get potion ingredients. He agrees, and we cut to him weighed down by shopping bags. The girl on the street corner is a demon (Astrali) raising money for charity.
The outline was actually way more detailed, but I present to you the first comic of mine the internet shall see.
This is actually part of my fantasy world, which my current projects are all set in! Feel free to ask questions.
Also, it looks like it was done in five minutes because it was!
Edit: I forgot proper captioning! Here you go!