10/10 things in candy store

- heather chandler’s hip sways
- heather mcnamara’s flowy skirt
- the ending where the heathers put their hands on their hips and stare at veronica
- heather chandler’s vocals
- “listen up biotch”
- the beginning where the heathers sway their hips in unison
- heather chandler
- heather duke’s vocals before chandler yells at her
- the heathers swaying their hips as veronica and martha talk

*looks at all the other things I should be focusing on* nah *throws blanket over them*

Here have RWBY on Ice!!! My RWBY figure skating AU. Ruby Blake Weiss and Yang are all senior singles skaters and JNPR take the partner categories (cause they have to be mixed and i couldn't throw away the chance of Ren literally throwing Nora on knife shoes)

Jaune and Pyrrha are an Ice Dancing team (less dangerous, closer to ballroom dancing) and I’ll be basing their style of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue cause they are the cutest in the world and Canadian and have great chemistry.(please look them up they are perfect) 

Nora and Ren are the Pairs team (more dangers, Nora gets thrown in the air alot like seriously look up some routines, they are insane, people can and have gotten severely injured) they are also based off a Canadian Skating team cause I wanted to find one with a similar height difference case the females are a lot smaller than their partners.

im sorry some of the hands came out mangled *cough cough* Yang *cough cough*

i’ll post this Au sporadically but feel free to request characters, both ones seen above or ones who are not there (i wanna get SSSN up there eventually). 

i may even post some fics for it. who knows. not me.

a lil theory

This may seem far stretched but…

Since Mikaela was said to have the ‘Michaela trait’, a legend that “goes back to the origin of vampires when the angel Michaela(possibly Archangel Michael) fell to earth.”

What if he was the seventh trumpet, as in, the seraph with the most power? In the dub of episode 12 of season one part two, Aoi Sangū states that Yūichirō is the King of Salt, the second trumpet.

In Christian faith, it is said that Michael was the highest Archangel, the seventh seraphim.

“Arch-angels in the sense of being above all angels, of any Choir. The seven highest Seraphim, Michael, being the highest of all.” (thanks, Wikipedia.)

Soo maybe he is? Just a small speculation. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

edit: this was proved wrong btw:,)
  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?

ok but what if mika had the strength of around like… 8th progenitor??? i mean,? crowley has the strength of a 7th progenitor cos he was sired by saitō, the 2nd progenitor n so was ferid, whom we all know is a 7th progenitor and they’re 5 ranks apart so like? maybe, since krul’s a third progenitor, mika would b 8th??? i mean, in the wiki his rank is city guard but oh well i have my theories

Why Qrow Branwen isn’t Ruby’s biological father

so I’ve been REAL STEAMED about this really shitty theory.  I’ve seen it on Reddit, I’ve seen it on Tumblr on Wiki, ANYWHERE I’ve seen it and its wrong for many reasons.

Now rather than just talk shit and insult people behind this crackpot theory I’ll just present my case against common Excuses. This is gonna be a long post but i won’t Read More it. feel free to keep scrolling

  • Ruby and Yang’s age gap:

obviously people don’t understand how babies work, and how fast relationships can break or develop. Literally I’ve seen people date and be in love for about half a month before breaking it off. A lot of people pointing this out like to mention that taiyang possibly cheated on raven while with her and a bunch of other Soap opera novella bullshit. EVEN THEN Yang has never met Raven. In burning candle she references to Summer Rose as her and Ruby’s mom of course, Summer RAISED her and Ruby.

Its totally possible that Raven left not long after yang was born with yang Not knowing who she is

 until summer passed away. its more than possible she downright says Raven left her after she was born.
After Raven left, Summer stepped up to help Taiyang raise infant Yang so of course, being close team mates and with how things were it was bound to happen that they got together leading to Ruby’s birth. Summer was Yang’s real mother in her eyes until Taiyang told her the truth after her passing leading Yang to search for her biological mother, Raven.

  • Different last names: 

    “but Yang is Yang Xiao Long and Ruby is Ruby Rose, IF ITS THE SAME DAD WHY DIFFERENT NAMES” It’s not unlikely that Taiyang and Summer weren’t actually married. Ruby could have been an accidental conception so they married AFTER Ruby’s birth.  There’s literally so many other explanations that aren’t drama reaching.

  • Qrow Trained Ruby and is Closer to her, Yang and Ruby fight differently :

    congratulations, you’re observant and watched the show, minus ten points for not getting the point. Ruby is a scythe wielder with emphasis on speed (due to her semblance), Yang is a Power house, close combat fighter who’s semblance converts damage into power.
     Qrow trained Ruby because he too wields a Scythe and relies on speed as well… Taiyang does not use scythes nor does he seem to be the speed type so he lets Ruby train with her uncle.
    Of course she’s closer to Qrow than yang is cause he trained her. Your very reason for thinking they’re father-daughter is the same reason he absolutely isn’t. Her father doesn’t know how to use a scythe or have a speed semblance.

    That’s like asking Pyrrah to train Nora, or Sun to train penny, completely different weapons and skill sets incompatible to what they need to learn.

    I’ve seen people also argue that Qrow took time out of his “busy world saving schedule” to train Ruby. They forget Qrow is a Professor at Signal academy, and Ozpin is still Beacon’s headmaster despite his even busier “world saving schedule.”

  • Qrow hates Taiyang because Taiyang totally cheated on raven

    No. Going BACK to Burning candle. Yang mentions how utterly CRUSHED Taiyang was from Summer’s death, Not only did his first wife leave him with a newborn Yang, a young dad, single and never having raised a child before, But his second wife dies after filling his family with love and raising not only Ruby but his first child like his own. Of course he’d be devastated, as well as irresponsible.
    He didn’t cheat on anyone.
    If there is ANY REASON for Qrow and Taiyang to have bad blood it would be because:
     A) Qrow Saved yang and Ruby, possibly because Taiyang wasnt aware of Yang and Ruby going missing because he was busy morning. He was probably sour how irresponsible Taiyang was.
    B) Silver eyes, Taiyang kept the Silver eyes hidden from Ruby. He obviously knew because he was with summer, and he was definitely not going to tell her when she outright asked him in “end of the beginning” 

qrow doesn’t even hate taiyang, if anything Taiyang is upset that Qrow interrupted a moment with him and Ruby. She just woke up from a coma and like the worried father he is he doesnt want Qrow to overwhelm her.

Do you see any bad blood? No, these Are two close friends who have fought together for years who are now adults. One is afraid of loosing more of his family and the other wants to help continue Ozpin’s mission. something they disagree on obviously since Qrow wants to practically use Ruby’s special powers.

Taiyang and Qrow obviously spoke about this to each other before Qrow spoke to Ruby. Qrow knew Ruby would want to go to Haven, especially after all that talk of her being special and Ozpin’s mission. Taiyang is a single father raising two teenage girls and Zwie, who’s lost plenty and scared of losing more. He Trusts Qrow but he’s still protective of his girls. I don’t care how cool you think a dad Qrow would be, a father that cares about his daughter, trusting or not, won’t send her on such a dangerous mission so off handed like that.

  • It would make a good plot twist/It would be cool:

no it wouldn’t, this is not only the most popular theory around but the laziest I’ve seen personally. Sure RT isn’t known for being the best at smooth character development and the writing could use a little work, but i doubt that Kerri and Miles would use such a LAZY plot twist, especially after killing off pyrrah and penny, and revealing Salem as the Narrator who’s been with us since season 1. Its just not original and i have about a hundred, Mexican Novellas, American soap Opera’s and Foreign dramas to back me up. its not an original nor interesting idea. Rwby isn’t about Family drama.

Lastly the EASIEST to debunk

  • Ruby and qrow look alike

Uhm… no, they don’t

Qrow’s face is almost heart shaped (its not a style thing either since Taiyang’s face is squared), Eyes are narrow, and hair is black (graying due to age/stress), Really tall, hair spiky and unruly,

Ruby’s face, Rounder, eyes also round and boxy, silver eyes, black hair red tips smooth and nearly flat aside a few straw wisps. Who else fits that description exactly ?

oh is that ruby? NO ITS HER MOM, literally the only other person who shares physical traits to Ruby. So if you’re going to argue she looks like Qrow, then you might as well tell me she looks nothing like Summer cause i don’t see it.
She may not resemble Taiyang much either but i can assure you she still looks nothing like Qrow.

tl:dr Qrow isn’t the father because of literally every reason ever.

I end my rant and debunking here, Maury aint got shit on me.

Thanks to anyone who stayed long enough to read my post, I don’t typically do this kind of thing.

I understand everyone one has theories and i respect that, but when you’re insisting its canon, or trying to get me to agree with you without providing evidence from the source material even a little bit, your theory is just a head canon.

Hopes for Sunshine season 2:

Chika tells Riko that she loves her too
Sub-Unit interactions
Ruby helps with costumes
Chika fucking responds to Riko’s “I love you”
YohaMari get into some shenanigans
You is appreciated???
More gay shit
Chika confesses her fucking love for Riko??
DiaYou bond over third wheeling
Chika finds Riko’s doujinshi
Everyone is canonically gay, even the dog

Feel free to add to the list!


Sorry it took me a while to get this second one done! Here’s another comic made by @dashingicecream that irlmun and I recorded. I really love this one. <3

Original comic:
Pyrrha Nikos voiced by: Me (Canny Puca)
Ruby Rose voiced by: Sketch (@irlmun)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any rwby singing headcannons? I have one where team rwby found out that yang could sing country really well when she was singing in the shower while everyone else was coming back from class.

Well obviously Weiss can sing. Not just sing but like…she could make a career out of it if she wanted to. Except she doesn’t really enjoy it - mostly because it’s something that was kind of forced on her a lot. She was trotted out by her father to impress and showcase. The talented daughter of Jacques Schnee. Singing for Weiss was never for her and because of that she’s really reserved about it. Ruby would love to hear her sing, but picked up very early on that it wasn’t anything to ask about and she never would.

Speaking of Ruby, she LOVES to sing. She’s just too darn squeaky and it sounds terrible. More so than that, Ruby loves to dance while she’s singing and sing so loud that everyone hears her. She makes the mistake one day of singing a song of Weiss’ and that caused a whole thing because Weiss found out that Ruby looked her up online and found video from a formal Schnee event. They eventually worked it out and that’s the first time Ruby ever managed to get Weiss to sing for her. Ruby told her it was beautiful and now Weiss doesn’t hate it quite as much. 

Blake can’t sing at all, and never tries, but she is the most music savvy of the entire group. Blake strikes me as a person who goes all in. If there’s something she loves she wants to know everything about it and surround herself with it. Reading was her first love but music was a close second and the combination of the two is her safe place. She also knows everything. She can tell you the names of band members and release dates on albums or exactly what live concert a certain recording was from. Blake is incredibly passionate about her music. 

As for Yang, I completely agree - she can sing and I derive this from the few times I’ve heard Barbara sing on her various social media platforms. It’s more quiet though, she whisper sings and it’s something she likes to do for her significant other - in this case Blake. She’ll record a little soft something and send it to Blake at random moments. Blake will be in the middle of class, get a message to her scroll and suddenly Yang’s softly singing and Blake has to quickly turn it off. Still, Blake loves it and Yang loves doing it but it’s only for people she cares about. It’s a talent she discovered when she was little singing lullabies for Ruby before bed because Summer (who had a beautiful voice that Yang hears every night before bed) wasn’t around to do it anymore. 

Replies: Messer Family

Hey All,

I’ve had a fun week, spent the last two days away from work with a good friend who is an ex-simmer herself. Got some house cleaning done today too, clearly time away from work is good for me. :-)

Hope you all heed my learning and remember to take some time out for yourselves too!

My legacy queue will officially expire tomorrow but fret not I’ll be posting the vampires I’ve been working on and my work in progress of the mansion I’ve been slowly building for them over the last week or so. 

I’ll be honest its nice to be building again, not sure if many of you know this but I started out as a builder in the sims before I became a storyteller so its like coming home. lol. Plus I love a lot of the stuff that came with the new vampire pack so I’m trying to keep this build CC Free. 

Replies to your wonderful comments are below the cut as always!

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