since i was getting annoyed w/ my art i thought id play with style a bit P:


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream~ 

 Whaaat, my favorite gems as characters from my favorite movie!? The last one is like an updated picture of the same idea I did on my old blog like, last year. Only better imo. 

 It’s an ode to a post I saw a long time ago that related Garnet’s first fusion to the dress scene.❤️💙

Today in fandoms: November 21st
  • 1999: Pokémon Gold and Silver, the second installments in the Pokémon video game series, make their debut in Japan. 
  • 2002: Exactly two years after the previous release, the third Pokémon video games entitled Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are released in Japan.
  • 2012:  DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians is released, following a group of legends as they battle to stop the spread of darkness.

I honestly love how, no matter who you ask, everyone has a favorite pokemon. And they all have their own reasons, like

Onix is your favorite because it was the first Pokemon card you ever owned?

Of course

Mudkip is your favorite because it’s the first starter you ever chose?


Venipede is your favorite because you love bug types?

Heck yeah

Rockruff is your favorite because it’s just so freakin’ cute?


Reblog and put in the tags what your favorite Pokemon is and why!