Things I need to know after "Know Your Fusion"

-What Opal’s, Sugilite’s, Rainbow Quartz’s, Alexandrite’s, Stevonnie’s, Smokey Quartz’s, Sapphire’s and Ruby’s room look like
-Did Nicki Minaj get paid for the four lines they reused

Ruby Room
  • Ruby Room
  • Foxboro Hot Tubs
  • Stop Drop and Roll!!

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Ruby Room

The Foxboro Hot Tubs are a side-band of Green Day. In this side-band, the goal was to create 60s style garage rock akin to The Kinks or The Stooges. The whole album was made while the band (along with a couple of other musician friends) were just jamming for fun and drinking wine. They liked how things were sounding, so they recorded them. It’s an absolutely INCREDIBLE album, and it honestly does sound like something straight from the early 60s. I really recommend the entire album (again, I’m perfectly happy to give it away), but I had to pick one song from it to share, and this is the one I picked. It’s one of the more keyboardy songs on the album, but it’s catchy as hell. Honestly, I can’t praise this album enough. What was meant just to be fun jam sessions amongst friends resulted in (in my opinion) probably the best album of 2008. Very retro, very rockin’, very catchy.

Temple rooms headcannons

So if sardonyx’ room only exists while she does, then does that mean there’s a ruby room and a sapphire room? Do those rooms not exist when they are fused? And if garnets room is also the room where all the bubbles are held what happen to them when garnet un-fused in various episodes. Imagine the possibilities 

Opal is forgetful so she puts important shit in her room than she’ll leave and they’ll un-fuse then look at each and whisper “oh shit” 

Sugilite has no idea what her room looks like because she can’t fit there the fucking door

stevonnie having their own room, and it being full of books and swords 

Smokey Quartz opens their room and it’s a fucking bro zone, full of food and video games

Garnet unfusing just to use sapphires ice rink which she totally has 


Imagine the #possibilities 

  • Ruby:Hey Weiss, you must like cookies because you're just as sweet.
  • Weiss:*sighs* You know I don't like cookies Ruby.
  • Ruby:oh yeah. Well how's your temperature because you're looking hot.
  • Weiss:Ruby What are you doing?
  • Ruby:*whispers* yang the lines you gave aren't working. What do I do now?
  • Yang:keep trying you're doing great.
  • Weiss:You do realize I'm in the same room, correct?
  • Ruby:uh oh yeah right. Wow Weiss your eyes are as blue as the ocean, I can't help but get lost in them.
  • Weiss:*blushes and walks off* dunce
  • Yang:*smirks* told ya they worked.
  • Ruby:that one was mine.