Wasn’t prepared for Chapter 2 man....

How the fuck am I supposed to make jokes and status charts n shit after this depressing as fuck episode lmao. Writer’s block has me in its grasp so for now I’ll just give my thoughts on the episode for people willing to listen.

Weiss is probably my favourite member of Team RWBY, so her arc is one I’m actually looking forward to. Her house seems very monotonous. Guess interior design isn’t exactly a strength of Papa Schnee since he seems to think blue and white are the only colours that exist. The shots look really nice, with Weiss framed nicely as she’s walking throughout the numerous parts of her house. You can already tell Papa Schnee is a pompous ass from all the extravagant statues he has around. Lookit dat giant King Taijitu statue good lord.

Yo, unpopular opinion, I like Whitley so far. He looks like he wants to prove something to his sister, and I kinda like his dickish younger brother attitude. That’s all I really wanna say but I hope we get more of him.

Back to RNJR, Ruby hearing Pyrrha’s destiny line even though she wasn’t even there yet. I hope that’s explained. Some nice banter aaaaaaand SAD TIMES alright. So this village is destroyed, Ren fucking stealing the show, you can just *feel* the emotion coming off of this guy. From the way he walks, to how he throws the backpack down, to how he rests his hands on his head in utter frustration while looking at the destruction surrounding him. Props. More Ren pls. Also ominous symbol is ominous.

Ironwood’s looks are all over the place. He looks like he hasn’t slept in 7 months while at the same time looking daddy af. Dude probably uses Just For Men or some shit.

ALSO PAPA SCHNEE IS BEERUS THE DESTROYER FROM DRAGON BALL. I may be mildly hyped about that, even if he’s a pompous, manipulative asshole.

Klein is cool too. I like the Seven Dwarves thing he has going on.

More Ruby hearing Pyrrha. I know that she’s technically overhearing Jaune’s video in her sleep here, but I still really hope the voices are expanded upon.

And this fucking scene.

I nearly broke down when Pyrrha died last season. Had a lot of shit going on in my life and that was kind of the tipping point for a lot of things. So seeing this scene was just really heartbreaking. We have the beautiful forest scenery with the touch of the altered Arkos theme playing in the background (onions man, who’s cuttin em?), Jaune training while just looking completely defeated. Pyrrha giving him training tips and nearly confessing her feelings via recording. Jaune obviously knows at this point, which clearly tears him up even more.

Man, I’ll admit it. Cried at this shit. It broke me. And I’m still clinging to the hope that Pyrrha will be back at some point, I don’t care what anyone says.

Just have to try and keep making my content and hope that her character is done justice. On to chapter 3.

Sapphire’s prediction

Almost all the post i see of “the answer” is remarking the possibility that Ruby and Sapphire’s Fusion was the thing that inspired the idea of creating the Cluster, but forgetting about the WHOLE PREDICTION OF SAPPHI!!

“i foresee the rebels attacking the Cloud Arena, before they are cornered, they will destroy the physical forms of 7 gems including 2 of my Ruby Guards and myself. Immediately after my form is destroyed, rebels will be captured. The rebellion ends here”



Planet earth would have been controlled and/or destroyed by Homeworld!! Humanity is condemned!! There would not be war for Earth’s independence!!! No whole team of Crystal Gems!!!! Rose would have never met Greg!!! Steven would have never existed!!!





A gay space red rock saved the plot by being stubborn and protecting another gay space blue rock.

The power of love saves the day :v