Y'all. But really. Here comes a thought is the most important episode they've ever aired.

And when I mean important, I mean giving people, children and adults alike, an episode of how to calm your anxiety/anxious thoughts. So many people (including me) live with fighting the constant battle of anxiety, and living in fear. Sometimes so much it consumes everything about you.

It taught you that it’s just a thought and cannot hurt you. It taught you to confide in a good friend/a loyal partner that can be there. That someone else has gone through something like this and can relate, maybe even help. Not only in a physical way, but in an introspective sense.

It’s showing to open up about your feelings.
It shows kids to breathe and meditate. To calm themselves and find flexibility (a way around a problem) love (loving yourself and others) trust (confiding in a loved one/trusting yourself that you will get through it).

Ruby and Sapphire represented anxiety for me so well.

Ruby could only focus on one thing and one thing alone, getting angry and screaming at the one thought because that’s all she can think of. Over and over. Anger

Sapphire was swarmed and overwhelmed with possible outcomes, every scenario worse than the next. It left her frozen, unable to move. Fear.

Anger and fear are the biggest fueling emotions of anxiety.

And they both overcame. Ruby calmed down and then helped Sapphire. Because you can’t help one person until you help yourself.

Then Connie and Steven showed to trust a friend and be vulnerable. Let someone help you so you can remained balanced. Give them the faith that they understand. And even if they don’t understand, they will still be there for you.

It’s okay. It’s okay. What a great mantra