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Brb just crying about how fucking gay Pearl is in 100% authentic canon
Bumblebee: Blake Doesn't Like Water

“Blake! Blake! Where are you!” Yang yelled her voice bouncing all over the room. Ruby and Weiss had gone out to watch a match in the arena, Blake however got filthy after Zwai came in and jumped all over her. “Blake I’m waiting for you, you need to get clean so we can meet up with Ruby!” Yang watched as a black haired girl poked her cat ears out from underneath her bed.

“Not happening. I’ll just take a shower later.”

“But Blake the battles about to start! I wanna go watch it, and I know you do too.” Yang teased, but Blake refused to come out from underneath the bed. “What’s so wrong with a bath?” Yang asked as she tried to drag Blake out from underneath the bunk bed (which only looks unstable).

“Just not my thing now leave me be, and go watch the battle okay,” Blake curled up into a ball before rolling back under the bed. Yang huffed, her chest rising and falling with every breath of air.

“Oh well, I guess I won’t be able to pet such a dirty girl now will I.” Those words sent Blake out from the dark depths and into the light. The cat girl walked over to the bathroom reluctantly and took off her muddied uniform blushing as Yang didn’t look away. Blake walked to to tube and stuck one toe in, then the tip of her foot. But before she could get a whole foot in she retreated back to the safe zone. Away from the water. “Is miss kitty scared of a little water?”

“No, I just prefer to take showers.” Blake’s monotone voice could fool anyone but not Yang. Yang lifted her teammate into her arms, carrying her princess style all the way to the bathroom again. Blake just clung to Yang for dear life. “I prefer the ground.”

“Just relax.” And with that the hard part was done and Blake was in the bathtub. The girl did not look pleased at all as an abyss of black hair covered her face. “Well! I’ll go wait until you’re done.” Yang walked away but before she was able to exit the cleansing room Blake grabbed a hold of the girls hand. Yang looked at her surprised before kneeling down next to the tub. “What? Afraid you’ll drown?”

“No, I-I need someone to wash my back.” With that Blake’s face was bright red and Yangs a dark shade of pink.

recovery room  |  freddie & ruby

By the time the three of them got back to their room, it didn’t matter that the hotel wasn’t up to Freddie’s snuff so long as it was a place to lie down. Or at least it didn’t matter to Ephram. He didn’t even bother going to the washroom to clean up, choosing instead to flop down on his back so hard he bounced slightly on the mattress. “Should we get food?” Ephram asked the other two, who he assumed were wandering around. “That ice cream made me hungry.” He lifted his head, scowling at the stiff, congealed dark patch of blood on his jeans over his hip. “Fuck,” Ephram sighed. “I shoulda just come home nekkid.”

pitofmuses  asked:

“Hey Ruby~…” Blake moaned low, holding the beanbag of the back of the library room she hid in, wiggling her butt at her leader. “If you can fuck me all day I’ll be sure to be your slut for the whole weeeeeeeek~. Yang won’t mind, there’s plenty of skanks she can fuck easily~.” Blake giggled, reaching over and spreading her tights covered ass cheeks to push the fabric against her puckered asshole.

“Challenge accepted~!” Ruby happily yelled as she tackled her faunus teammate, tongue sticking out as she began to press her cock against Blake’s pants-covered asshole. The sound of tearing fabric rang throughout the room as Ruby steadily pushed her cock through the material of Blake’s pants, the younger girl sighing happily as her cock finally buried itself in her friend’s ungodly-tight rear.


Imagine if at Atlas, at the Schnee lodge they find a stray cat, black and sleek with harsh yellow eyes and a lovely tail. All fine and normal.

Except Blake isn’t in the room. 

Ruby, Penny and Neo instantly, for some comedic reason, think that Blake turned into the cat. 

Yang and Weiss don’t believe it but as they shout for Blake and look a lil around for her, they can’t find her and slowly begin to also think that Blake has indeed turned into a cat. 

Yang picks up assumed Cat!Blake and begins to love her and kiss her and stroke her tail with Ruby rubbing between the ears and then Weiss holding her sweet paws, all calling the cat Blake.

And then Blake comes back in the room and Ruby almost begins to cry bc she thought that Blake was so cute and lovely as a cat. 

Winter and Glynda suggest they keep the kitty, give it a cute yellow bow and name it Belle, after Blake. 

Of cours, Blake and Belle never see eye to eye

Platonic White Rose Snippet

(cause i really wanted to right them as best friends. Also i’m not really that use to writing Weiss)

Ruby pushes open her door. More like kicks it open. With no free hands, the teenager uses her foot to push open her bedroom door. It swings open and hits the wall. Ruby stumbles into the room; a pizza box, two bottles of soda, and a tray of cookies nestled in her arms. Weiss follows close behind, making sure her friend does not drop anything.

While walking, Ruby trips over herself. Luckily Weiss is there to catch her, and everything else, in time. Ruby also manages to catch herself a little.

“You dolt! I told you to let me carry something.” Weiss says. She takes the soda from Ruby and places them down on the ground. Ruby places the food down on the ground. She takes a seat on her floor.

“Well I had it for the most part.” Ruby says back. She opens up the pizza box and starts chewing away at the hot, cheesy food. Weiss sighs and takes a seat right by her, taking her own slice.

“Oh! Remind me before we start the movie to make some popcorn. My dad bought us some.” Ruby says, her mouth still having pizza in it.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, please.” Weiss grabs her laptop that she brought from home and places it off to the side, so that no food gets on it. With one hand she clicks at the movie streaming app. In her bookmarks, already saved, are the movies both she and Ruby picked out. One each.

Weiss has picked out some older, black and white movie based on a play she had read about a year ago. Ruby, surprisingly, has chosen a horror movie, of sorts. It’s another black and white movie, at least Ruby also has a like for the classics, that takes place in some motel. Ruby has always wanted to see it and Weiss already has seen it. She wonders how Ruby will react to the ending.

Once the pizza is done, Ruby right away tears into the cookies. Weiss only allows her to take one before taking the container away. “Make some popcorn first. I also don’t want you to get a stomach ache.”

Ruby makes a face of annoyance, even sticking out her tongue at her friend, before getting up to make a large bowl of buttered popcorn. When she returns, Ruby gives the bowl to Weiss and takes back the cookie container. Weiss places her laptop on her lap and starts up the movies, hers being the first one.

Later that night, Weiss is awoken by the noise of something pacing around the room. Sitting up in her sleeping bag, she rubs her eyes and looks around the dark room. Through the pitch blackness and the fog of sleep that is covers most of her sight, Weiss is able to make out the outline of Ruby.

“What are you doing?” Weiss sleepy asks. She rubs her eyes and yawns.

“Oh, did I wake you?” Ruby whispers back.

“No, that’s so not the reason I’m up.”

“Do you really need to be sarcastic this late at night?”

“Do you need to be up this late at night?” Weiss pauses for a moment. “I told you it was a bad idea to watch that movie late at night.”

Ruby does not answer. Weiss groans. Grabbing her scroll, she flicks on her flashlight, flips her phone so the light is facing up, and slides it towards Ruby’s bed. “There, a night light. Does that make you feel better?”

“A little. Thank you…”

“No problem, Ruby.” Weiss yawns again. She stretches a little and flops back down on her sleeping bag. “Goodnight, again.”