ruby x liam


“Now, d a r l i n ’, I just had myself a little thought.”

“Did you?” I murmured, distracted by the way he reached up to run his thumb over my bottom lip.

“I did indeed. It being that you are seventeen and I’m eighteen, and we have every damn right to make out like t e e n a g e r s. Like normal, happy, crazy kids.”

He hooked two fingers over the waistband of my jeans and tugged me closer. I loved his voice when he lowered it like that. His accent broadened, warmed like summer air in the minutes before a thunderstorm. It was the full-on Stewart charm assault, and I was totally h e l p l e s s against it.

I’m having withdrawals 🚙
I would totally dress up as Ruby, in the first book with the red dress on 😏 my favorite scene! I love this series with all my heart. I read them all last November and I am getting such a strong urge to read them again. I literally am obsessed with these books and it’s kind of all @buttermybooks fault. Ever since I started tumblr I followed her and she keep ranting about this trilogy I just had to read!! And I did and ugh I just love them so much. @alexandrabracken is such an amazing writer and super sweet person. Anyone else read this trilogy?? If not do so right away.

’“We want you,” he said, his hand slipping through my hair to cup the back of my neck. “We wanted you yesterday, we want you today, and we’ll want you tomorrow. There’s nothing you can do to change that”’

Ruby, Liam and the whole Black Betty Crew have destroyed me…


I love you. With my whole heart. My whole life, however long I’m lucky enough to get, nothing will change for me.

This whole time, from the moment we met, he’d been waiting for me to realize he’d known me all along, and he had never once wanted me to change

Ships: Ruby x Liam 

“How could things get any worse?” I asked. “I messed everything up for you. I ruined everything.”

“God.” He shook his head, mouth twisting into a shadow of a smile.  “Did you know…you make me so happy that sometimes I actually forget to breath? I’ll be looking at you, and my chest will get so tight…and it’s like, the only thought in my head is how much I want to reach over and kiss you.”

a rubiam fanmix.

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vi. the run and go // twenty one pilots
vii. work song // hozier
viii. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys
ix. to be alone // hozier
x. ease // troye sivan ft. broods
xi. two of us on the run // lucius
xii. mountains // message to bears
xiii. blood bank // bon iver
xiv. fire-scene // s. carey
xv. stay with me // sarah jaffe
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xviii. fleeting (affection) // gustavo santaolalla