ruby x archie


Villainous Team Leaders

  • Giovanni - Team Rocket
  • Archie - Team Aqua
  • Maxie - Team Magma
  • Cyrus - Team Galactic
  • Ghetsis - Team Plasma
  • Lysandre - Team Flare
  • Guzma - Team Skull

Bosses and their Babies

Agh they’re so cute.

I love these three. They rock. And I often wondered if they started out small with their Pokemon or just jumped right in with the final forms.

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This Pokemon is used very reliably by both Maxie and Archie in their battles =)

The prize is a KB Shiny Flawless Crobat! There are 35 that will be given out!

What you have to do:

* Catch an Espurr and name it “Kitty”

* Post this Espurr up on GTS with the message, “Washy”

* Ask for a Crobat “Level 51-60”

* Reblog and like this post!

After about a good deal of time (so that many people can see this), I will be sending out the Crobat to 35 random people who have done everything I’ve asked. 

If you get one, don’t hesitate to shoot an Inbox =) (This is just for my knowledge)

If you don’t win this time, please don’t worry! Many more giveaways are coming up now that OR/AS are nearing!

Hopefully this works out. This way, I can giveaway larger amounts of Pokemon at a time and not have to do “guess the number” giveaways.


All mah single Team Leaders, all mah single leaders….

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Ruby and Archie-- OUAT

His ears turn red when she brings him his coffee, and she leans over the table a little more than usual. He’s not trying to look, he’s not, but when his eyes stray just a little by accident her laughter, that satisfied smile on her cherry lips, is more than worth it. He’s in at eight every day, bang on, and she’s always ready with a cup for him.

The day he doesn’t come, he’s busy with patient files. She comes to him, brings his coffee as take-out. She doesn’t admit that she missed him; he doesn’t admit that he wondered if she would. His secretary catches them in a very compromising position on the couch; the coffee goes cold.

Fanfiction: The Cricket Game

Title: The Cricket Game
Author: snarkysweetness
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruby/Archie
Summary: While mourning the recently deceased Archie, Ruby gets a happy surprise.
Warnings: Sexy times.
Disclaimer: What is this canon you speak of?
Author’s Notes: I had to do it guys. This is a sequel to Jail House Rock set after The Outsider.   

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Love your Red Cricket fanfiction, especially the surprise pregnacy one. I'm wondering if you were thinking about writing a sequel. Would be greatly appreciated. ;-) (sorry for being an anon, I'm not on tumblr)

Hey there lovely ‘non! I wrote more and I hope you like it! Also, if anyone has any stories of mine that they’d like to see more of, simply drop me an ask!

Anon, I’m assuming you’re referencing this post.


Ruby set her tray down, rubbing her belly. It was actually becoming something of a belly by now. She could still see her feet, but there would be no more shirts above her midriff. She patted her bump with a smile. She’d begun feeling the baby move within the last few weeks and with the new sensations came the constant awareness that she was growing another person. Another human being, created by Archie and herself.

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External image

Two important things about this picture, IMHO.

First, three are two civilians at the site of the mine.  One is Marco, who we know is good friends with Archie. The other person is Ruby, who looks pretty comfortable holding Pongo.  Like she’s hung out with him (and his master) before.

AKA this is a picture of the people that care the most about Archie (and works as proof for either of my Archie ships)

The other thing about this picture it a SPOILER and therefore under a read more cut:

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