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Ok, so..Idea. Blake and Weiss don't believe Yang when she says Ruby is just as strong, if not stronger, than her. Mainly because Cresent Rose is WAAAAAY heavier than most realize due to all the mechshift. Ruby responds by picking both of them up by their waists and throwing them like sacks onto her shoulders suddenly, and they begin to flail and be embarrassed as she walks around the campus, Ruby being all smiles and giggles, Yang laughing the whole way whilst following them.

this is cute ahh

I love the Off Colors and I want each of them to be safe and sound and know a life where they don’t have to fear for their life every second of the day. 

I mean, a Polyamorous fusion! Made out of no less than six individual gems! Who each love each other, keeping Fluorite stable despite her odd appearance, proving that a fusion does not have to look “normal” to be healthy. The reason for Fluorite’s slow speech is because, she, as well, is a conversation! 

A fusion of a Pearl and a Ruby … I always wanted to know what they might look like, but thought I’d never see one because I can’t see Ruby fusing without Sapphire. Rhodonite is scared and angry but still she keeps going.

A Sapphire/Padparadscha with what could be likened to a mental disability, as her predictions are always late. She’s always lagging behind the others but still so positive. She smiles and always tries her best. 

And the Rutile Twins … joined at the hip, literally. They only survived because the other rutiles were scared of them. They’re one gem technically but they are two distinct personalities, with their own thoughts, and yet so close. Gems don’t have a family … but the Rutiles are called twins for a reason. 

I want them to come to Earth, to learn true freedom and peace. I want Fluorite and Rhodonite to meet Garnet, a fusion who fought for the right to exist as herself, without fear. 

I want the Rutile Twins and Padparadscha to meet Amethyst, a gem who came out “wrong” like they did, and who learned that being different doesn’t mean that she’s worth any less. That you do not have to serve a purpose to be valued, and beautiful, and deserving of freedom and peace. 

This is still pretty much one of my favourite Sapphire moments right here.

I like how it shows that Sapphire is completely capable of putting aside her fears and insecurities about Ruby in order to face the problem at hand.

Unlike Ruby, who is incapable of going one chapter without thinking about Sapphire and letting his fears about her get to him.

It’s just like what Jaun had said about the two of them allowing their fears to control them. Sapphire during the mind test was able to completely clear her mind instantly whilst Ruby wasn’t, leading to him allowing his fears to control his actions and thoughts when faced with danger (trapping Sapphire in the aircar).

I really love how ORAS is mostly based around that side of Ruby and Sapphire’s traits and shows more of how they handle themselves when faced with fear.